Successful Women Show Society’s Ugliness

successful women

Successful women are hated on by men in sports, online and in America generally.

Just Not Sports, a podcast founded by three guys who talk to athletes about their lives outside athletics, approached Julie DiCaro, update anchor for 670 The Score and columnist for, with an idea: They’d find a group of real guys (not actors), give them some of the nastiest tweets DiCaro had received, and let the guys read them aloud to DiCaro’s face.

The video, produced by Just Not Sports and One Tree Forest Films, features a handful of men reading vile comments to DiCaro and SportsCenter reporter Sarah Spain. DiCaro and Spain saw the comments before the cameras were rolling; the men had not.

Successful Women

Vile and vicious behavior displayed online and in social media is now the way of the world. Unfortunately, if you need or want this type of interaction with the “masses,” then expect the lowest and the most vile among the public to be there too. This is a certainty for high profile, successful women. “Cyber” is no barrier for the disturbed and we can only hope to control them for we cannot eliminate them.

Comments sections being anonymous and uncensored encourage this vile behavior. Shaming won’t work as long as no one knows who they really are. No one should have threats and insults hurled at them, but social media allows everyone a stage to voice their thoughts no matter how offensive they are. This means that social media can now be used as a weapon with instantaneous impact.

Before social media, there was hate mail but there was an embedded time element. One had to write and mail the letter, which gave time for reality to perhaps set in before one acted so stupidly. Now the craziness and its impact are immediate.

As a son, brother, lover and friend to many women, it’s outrageous and embarrassing that anonymous men feel they could say these things to women. Watching the video is tough as not only are the comments horrible, but that fact is amplified by the fact the comments are said to these women’s faces. The men recruited to read the tweets are sometimes overcome by the sheer ugliness of their content, and I felt the same shame. This video exposes the hateful treatment women still endure simply for doing their jobs.



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