Sorry, White Snowflakes. No One Is Saying That White Is Evil.

white snowflakes
Petula Dvorak hits the nail on the head when she discusses the death of a 22 year old black male student from Bowie State by the hands of a 23 year old white student at the University of Maryland College Park. The excuse makers are nothing but white snowflakes.
It doesn’t matter that the black student was exemplary and the white student was the member of an “alt reich” Facebook group. We can speculate all day about how the media would treat this if the role were reversed. We can find it odd that mitigating circumstances (alcohol, mental illness) are given as excuses for why this crime was committed. Ultimately, this is about America and the shitty way we have dealt and currently deal with race. I will let Dvorak’s words speak for themselves.

White Snowflakes

Nope. Sorry, white snowflakes. No one is telling you or me or anyone else that white is evil. That’s what you’re hearing, and that’s a little sad.

Diversity, unity, that American melting pot that is the foundation of our nation can only happen when the country does a better job confronting America’s original sin. And we’re failing miserably at that.

We see it all across the country.

Too many folks want to believe that the Confederate flag and monuments are about Southern heritage and history and not acknowledge them as symbols that glorify a time when human slavery was the norm.

Too many folks want to believe that housing inequity, generational poverty and unequal employment are about personal flaws, rather than the ugly residue of a systematic disenfranchisement of a particular group.

And too many folks will want to talk about all the other reasons that a young white man from a nice suburb with hard-working parents allegedly could have killed another young man in cold blood.

Racism. Say it with me — racism. The more we say it, the more we acknowledge it, the weaker it becomes.

The whole idea that whites are somehow under attack and persecuted is absolute garbage cooked up by the alt-right and supported by the GOP propaganda. No one is under attack for being white. This nonsense of white supremacists is a virus that must be destroyed.
It’s time to stop making excuses. We simply do not treat everyone in this country equally and the fact is that race is a factor. If white people who don’t like being questioned consider that an attack, they’re just snowflakes that considers it normal to dismiss racism unless of course #blacklivesmatter is involved (or not) in any way.

Yes We Still Live Under A Racist System

Our criminal justice system reveals documented evidence that clearly illustrates when whites and blacks commit the same crime, the black outcome is significantly worse. The same could be said for education, health care, and employment. While we no longer live in the obvious conditions of slavery nor Jim Crow, subtle (sometimes overt still) forms of racist traditions still persevere and the Trump presidency brought a great deal of the hidden vestiges to light. While most may be subtle, the bite of its outcome is no less lethal. We must do better as a society, but we must first acknowledge that there is still a problem before we can finally solve the problem.



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