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the times

The Times They Are A-Changin’ In The World

  GEORGE ORWELL ON LANGUAGE Language provides us the rewarding ability to communicate. We form words and sentences to convey our ideas and emotions emphatically and simply, yet proper language has now become nearly archaic. Words are abbreviated for lack of patience, grammar is sheer nuisance, and emojis replace our true emotional...


Broadband: How And Where The GOP Lost It’s Way

Two bedrock principals of Republican ideology are state’s rights and free markets. However in the current landscape of corporate controlled broadband access, these two pillars are at odds. Many states have limited broadband choice by blocking competition and granting monopolies. The Obama administration through the FCC seeks to improve competition by...

flat design

Microsoft Leads on Flat Design

  Design and Microsoft are far from synonymous, making the latter’s early arrival to the flat design party all the more surprising. Questions remain as to whether flat design is the long-term future of user interface design. As more and more services and companies are embracing this trend, flat design...