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From ABCNews:
“Local police in New Hampshire are setting up a task force to investigate violent disturbances near Keene’s annual pumpkin festival that led to property damage, dozens of arrests and many injuries over the weekend.
The parties around Keene State University coincided with the Keene Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, when the community tries to set a world record of the largest number of carved and lighted jack-o-lanterns in one place.
Police donned riot gear and used tear gas in trying to control the crowds that afternoon, and Gov. Maggie Hassan called on the state’s colleges and universities to “take swift action to hold students involved accountable.”
Before a Monday afternoon news conference to discuss the violence, police announced that a task force would be created. They also asked the public for help in identifying people who may have been responsible for the disturbances.
City officials said in a news release that among more than 1,000 people at two separate locations, some people started throwing rocks, bottles, cans, and other objects. At least 30 people were treated for cuts and other minor injuries. Rocks and bottles were thrown at police, but no officers were hurt, city officials said.”

We have talked about Ferguson, the #thatniggerwasguilty narrative, how media covers stories, and why we should look inward for why this is.

Social Media

It brings everything (good and bad) to the surface often poignantly and hilariously. Nothing can be hidden because everyone has a platform, and everyone has access whether they realize it or not.





I can answer one of the questions in the last tweet. Booze and drug fueled mayhem does not work on logic and reason; therefore, a why is not often necessary. I would like to know where the people who are quick to label rioters “animals” are though. That is a very good question.



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