Should You Consider Principle of Account (POA) Tuitions

Principles of Accounts (POA) is one of the most practical subjects that a student can opt for besides sciences and mathematics. It has proven to be useful in career growth and opens options for higher studies in accounting and business related courses and eventually in lucrative careers.

It is an open secret that almost every company needs some form of financial accounting at one stage or the other. A student with an aim to launch his or her career in business world will have an edge with a solid foundation in POA.

Quite understandably, many students are choosing to study Principles of Accounts. POA is an easy to score subject where the student is required to score a 95/100 to get an A1 grade. Achieving this could be a breeze if your child gets POA tuitions. Let us explore this further.

What is Principle of Accounts (POA)?

Principles of Accounts (POA) syllabus codes 7088 (Normal Academic) and 7175 (Express) is a subject offered as an elective at Secondary 3 and examinable at the GCE Ordinary Level. It introduces students to financial accounting concepts, principles and procedures. It lays emphasis on understanding and application of accounting knowledge and develop skills in preparing, communicating, interpreting and analysing accounting information for decision making. It promotes numeracy skills, orderliness, logical and analytical thinking, and sense of accuracy and an appreciation of professional ethics in students.

What are the Benefits of Studying POA?

Studying POA will introduce your child to the vast world of accounting and most likely the student may develop an early interest in the subject. Financial accounting, in fact, is a very extensive field which throws open multiple career options as banker, auditor, staff accountant, tax accountant, business analyst, compliance professional, public accountant, financial reporting manager and controller to name a few.

A student should, therefore, opt for Principle of Accounts (POA) to build a strong foundation in accounting knowledge if they wish to pursue a career as an accountant, auditor or banker.


Accounting knowledge is inseparable from any business. So if the student aims to work as a manager or a self-employed professional or businessman he would need to have a basic understanding of accounting information. The knowledge and application will help him in effective management and decision making.

POA, therefore, is a good foundation subject for students interested in higher studies in accountancy and business related courses. It basically equips students with fundamentals for future learning as part of a broad based curriculum. It serves as the perfect launchpad into other careers.

Additionally, POA is a subject easy to score and get high grades as compared to other subjects under the hood of humanities. It require less mugging and more number crunching.

Why do Students find POA Challenging and Complex?

Students who are seeking a career in accounting related services must opt for Principle of Accounts (POA). It helps students in understanding of accounting knowledge and its application.

However, POA entails a student should be competent in mathematical calculations and accounting related procedures namely double entry bookkeeping, balance sheets and some complex accounting formulae. In other words focus is more on math calculations than theory. There is a lot of number crunching involved in this subject. Top it with a lot of accounting formulae and complex equations. If a student is weak in mathematics she or he probably finds POA a tough subject to crack. Here POA tuitions can be of great help to your child.

Why do You Need POA Tuitions?

Principle of Account (POA) is a very popular subject amongst students these days owing to great prospects. However, many students find it a very difficult to study with all the mathematical calculation and accounting formulae.

If your child is weak in math understandably it would be difficult for him or her to score in this subject. Sometimes self-study is not a viable option. Therefore, the right solution would be to find a qualified POA tutor.

Moreover, there is equally tough competition on ground with everyone in a race to score higher grades. It is known that at least a score of 95 is required to get the coveted A1 Grade. As parents want their child to excel over their fellow students POA tuition is therefore becoming more popular. In fact, some might say more in demand than Maths tuitions nowadays.

What are the Benefits of Opting for POA Tuitions?

In recent times, Principles of Accounts tuition has become enormously popular with growing popularity of POA – a subject known for better prospects in higher studies and career as well. POA tuition helps students to get a clear understanding of financial concepts and other major concepts of accounting.

Your child will get a one-to-one personal attention from professional tutors. This will mean the tutor will focus on student’s personal trajectory of understanding the concepts of POA. Tutor will assist in solving accounts related problems and queries of your child that he/she confronts while studying.

In the process, POA tuition teacher will identify areas that need improvement and work on it. An experienced tutor will also periodically review student’s performance and progress.

Tutor will also help your child in assignments, home works and preparing for exams. Not only this, POA tutor will teach effective learning methods and give additional practice sessions to help him/her master the subject. This will certainly boost the confidence level of your child.

Hence, you should choose a good POA tuition for your child which will help ease off the stress of POA. You can tap the resource pool of POA tuition agencies with team of experienced tutors in the field of accountancy. They will help your child in an efficient and interactive way learn the skills to do the financial reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). POA tuition teacher will help the child in best possible manner understand the topics easily.

Be sure you get a qualified, experienced and a dedicated POA tuition teacher for your child who is committed to deliver the easy and updated process of studying POA.



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