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trump ban

Trump Ban Is Analogous To Nothing Obama Did As President

The justification for Trump’s recent ban on Muslims has been “Obama did it first.” Well, Obama didn’t do it first. In fact, Obama did no such thing. There are at least three differences between what Obama enacted, and what Trump and his supporters are claiming are actions similar to Obama’s....

kim burrell

Kim Burrell And Rejecting Homophobia In The Black Community

Kim Burrell, who worked with Pharrell on the soundtrack to “Hidden Figures” and is a pastor, was supposed to appear on DeGeneres’ show to perform the song “I See a Victory.” But DeGeneres canceled her appearance after a video emerged of Burrell making anti-gay comments during a sermon. (Burrell later...

selective outrage

Selective Outrage Is A Big Part of America’s Problem With Race

Four people accused of torturing a mentally disabled man were charged with a hate crime and aggravated kidnapping, among other charges, in Chicago. The attack was streamed live on Facebook. The disturbing 30-minute video shows a man tied up and his mouth covered, cowering in the corner of room. His...