What We Now Know About Darren Wilson and Michael Brown Matters Not To Bigots

michael brown
With the release of a nearly three-month-old legal document from a still-pending wrongful death lawsuit filed by Brown’s family aimed at Darren Wilson, the former Ferguson officer who shot and killed the unarmed eighteen-year-old (and has since disappeared from public life), the narrative should’ve changed a lot though Danny Wicentowski disagrees. Unfortunately, once you’re dead, you don’t matter anymore especially if you’re a young black male supposedly “up to no good”. It makes a great story for bigots to fall back on when they want to ignore police brutality, or blame black people for their own plight.
The document, an “interrogatory,” is comprised of 173 written yes/no questions. Among other things, the document shows Wilson admitting that he and other Ferguson officers used the N-word to refer to black people, though Wilson was allowed to clarify that his use of the word was limited to “[repeating] a racist remark made by someone else.”

New Information on Michael Brown

The contested information about the gun comes from questions 38 and 40 in the interrogatory document, which can be read in full here. In Questiona 38-40, Wilson admits that Michael Brown never tried to remove the gun from his holster, the holster he carried is designed to prevent someone from easily pulling a weapon from his holster, and he decided to pull his gun and aim it at Michael Brown. This is in spite of Wilson stating that he couldn’t remember if Brown was “swinging at me, pushing me, grabbing me, or what.” It is then Wilson pulls his gun out and tells Brown he will shoot him, Brown then supposedly told Wilson he was “too pussy to shoot him” and grabbed his gun. Right. Furthermore, the screening of previously unreleased surveillance video in a new documentary showed Brown in the Ferguson Market engaging in an attempted (and very small-scale) drug barter hours before his death. This footage makes it unlikely that Brown robbed the store later that day.


Whether Brown had a deal or didn’t have a deal with store employees is not important, it’s his interaction with Wilson that proved deadly. It’s also worth remembering that the interrogatory’s questions were selected and structured by attorneys who are actively trying to prove that Wilson lied about what really happened that day on Canfield Drive. Still, bigots won’t care one way or another. Brown was a classic BN (Big N*gger) who had access to a BG (Big Gun). To many, that alone is reason enough to justify his death.



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