North Korea Getting 2016 Started Off With A Bang

North Korea

Kim Jong Un, the undisputed leader of North Korea is testing bombs.

North Korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. State media reported the nuclear test, its fourth. The announcement followed reports of a 5.1-magnitude earthquake in the isolated country. Because it’s North Korea, the U.N. Security Council and countries in region are to hold emergency meetings.

North Korea

The epicenter of the jolt was located 19 kilometers (12 miles) east-northeast of Sungjibaegam, Ryanggang Province, at a depth of 10 kilometers, according to preliminary data from the US Geological Survey (USGS). Similar seismic activity in roughly the same area was recorded on February 12, 2013, prior to their claim of a third successful underground nuclear test. A hydrogen bomb is more powerful than plutonium weapons, which is what North Korea used in its three previous underground nuclear tests.
This is North Korea though right? The deepest mine in the world is roughly 4 kilometers. North Korea claiming a 10km deep dig to set up a hydrogen bomb is dubious. They’re a starving country living on borrowed time. There’s a more than fair chance this is nothing but good theater.

Opportunity For Hawks?

You can already hear the cries of Hawks on this being another example of how weak and feckless Obama is. Obama nor any President should “do” anything about this. The United Nations (UN) has laws which prohibited any war when no conflict is related to any country.
This is why the Iraq War was so controversial with the Bush Administration invaded even when the UN declined to. The “we created and funded the UN so we don’t have to abide by it even as a member” attitude prevailed. Obama can’t and shouldn’t go to war with North Korea (or ISIS for that matter) because their actions to this point have not infringed upon our geopolitical interests. There are bad actors in the world we live in. Let’s let the world, represented by the UN Security Council here, act accordingly instead of old Uncle Sam embarking on another solo mission.



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