New Affiliate Programs that will want you to Invest More

We have all been, at some level, following affiliate marketing and its massive outreach for years now. There have some market dominators like Amazon and others who are still continuously trying to gain an edge in this field. Affiliate marketing benefits the brand as well as the marketer because the more you sell or promote, the more money you make. While it holds true in for many retailers, however, affiliate marketing is not built for every brand. There are many who do not benefit from it, because of low profit margins like electronics and wines. However, let this not deter you into exploring new affiliate programs that are waiting to be explored. It is all about time, tact and trust. These three key ingredients help brands and you to succeed incomparably.

Many marketers today feel that the affiliate marketing programs are absolutely essential to the survival of any brand. More than approx. 90% of marketers around the world feel it is a necessity. A lot of advertisers are of the opinion that affiliate marketing alone is responsible for more than 18% of the total annual revenue of a company. On an average, more than 82% of advertisers as well as marketers run some form of affiliate marketing program or another. These figures are absolutely crazy and give more incentive for people to venture into this very lucrative and highly competitive model.

So which is the new affiliate marketing programs that you can invest your time in and do a little more research to earn more? Let us have a look, shall we?

Earlier known as, Rakuten has grown ginormous over the past few years. As per the study conducted by the Rakuten network program, the affiliate marketing industry is set to grow to a good $6.8 billion by 2020. This figure surpasses all forms of marketing, making affiliate marketing the emerging market leader in promotion of products and services through various channels.  Rakuten Ichiba is the market dominating e-commerce site in Japan and the amongst the worlds’ largest in sales by far.

Regal Assets

Based out of the US, Regal Assets is a company that specializes in precious metals such as gold and silver as well as investments. The company attracts people in form of investors who are willing to shell out a considerable amount. Their affiliate program offers 3% of total sales. Do the math and you will see that in one sale the amount of money you make is quite generous. They offer you with customized banner ads and lead-capture forms.


A luxury jewellery and watch retailer, they offer a good commission of 6% on their sales. They provide you with tailored banners and coupon codes that you can use on your website. If you really venture into this, it will prove to be beneficial.


A platform to leverage courses and educative courses at all levels; this is fast becoming a leader in home-based learning solutions. They provide you a whopping 75% commission on all courses and 10% tier 2 commissions for affiliate you refer to the firm. They provide you with multiple marketing materials to promote their courses.

Anastasias Affiliate Program

A network of 4 dating websites spanning across US, Australia and Europe, this is one category that is just growing by leaps and bounds. They provide you with multiple marketing materials to use on your website or to promote of other websites.

Tripadvisor affiliate program

We have all heard about and, at one point or another, visited them for any travel related query. You can tons of recommendations, inputs, travel itineraries, hotel information and what not. You can become a tripadvisor affiliate marketer pretty easily and then link your readers back to the content through your tracking link. They have a tiered commission system, monthly payout and much more. You get to explore a wide range of hotels and travel related stuff on this website and also gain a lot of insight while travelling. Help your traveling buddies today!

Trivago affiliate program

Easy to start with, is the largest hotel comparison site in the world. They have a network of more than 700,000 hotels and close to 300 booking sites registered with them. You can then imagine the scope of earning through trivago affiliate programs. They provide you with a lot of banners, ads, creative and tons of other marketing material to begin the promotions. They are tested for their CTR and are known for their amazing revenue return.

Market Health Affiliate Network

The largest health affiliate network, going strong since 1998, you can earn your way to a healthy living through their amazing network. They have high industry commissions and twice a month payout for the sales you make. It is a one of the oldest and trusted affiliate programs in this niche.

Sigma Beauty

Makeup and beauty tips never die and are continuously evolving. So if you have a great beauty blog, talking about multiple make-up related and beauty related stuff, then why wouldn’t you venture? Sigma is one of the fastest growing cosmetics company in world with innovative makeup brushes and makeup line. You can make 10% commission on all sales and there are some pretty handsome rewards for really great sales.

We have all heard about FitBit, haven’t we? At some point or another we have all invested in their amazing range of highly accurate products like health bands. They have a lucrative affiliate program running that offers close to 12% commission per sale.

Colmex pro investment affiliate program

Another niche that should be explored, Colmex pro, provides a great market for all those who want to venture into trading and investments. They provide amazing affiliate programs that are linked through maybe CPL, flat fee or CPA, CPD or rev share.

Medical Department Store

If you haven’t ventured into medical equipment affiliate programs, then it’s really not too late to get involved in one today. They offer 5% commissions on sales of their products, but then don’t go by the percentage; one sale can fetch you a pretty generous amount.

There are multiple affiliate programs under various categories, but to actually get into one, you need to finalize your niche and begin a new affiliate program today!



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