How To Never Go To The Gym: Exercise You Can Do Anywhere


Killing the Breeze on how you don’t need a gym to work out.

Sometimes we just don’t feel like going to the gym, and other times we get there after they close! The gym is thought to be the designated place to expend all physical activities, and is often used as an excuse for why we can’t do any exercise at all.

Luckily, for those who wake up too late or hate the gym environment, plenty of the exercises performed in those corridors don’t even require a gym! No, free weights won’t be as readily available, but you can just as easily get your heart pumping and muscles burning in your house or outside with some simple body weight exercises.

Upper Body

You may not have access to a bench, but you have the next best thing: the floor. Whipping out some pushups is a great way to work on your upper body strength, specifically your chest. You can play with repetition ranges, speed, and frequency, but this functional movement will hit your chest, shoulders, and triceps without ever having to touch equipment.

Want to train your back? If there is a bar available, throw in some pull-ups (if you dare).

Lower Body

Squats and lunges of all variations need nothing but some sturdy shoes, steady ground, and serious ambition. Body weight squats target your glutes and quadriceps, and they require no equipment to be performed (unweighted of course). Lunges and lunge walks are also a great way to build up some strength and stamina.

What’s even better? These functional movements can be done anywhere! Throw them in on your walk to your car, during a commercial, or to and from your laundry room. A simple walk around the neighborhood can even be turned up in intensity by adding these in.


Stability balls and sit-up contraptions are not all that you need to train your powerhouse. Planks are a great isometric exercise that help you build up some endurance in your core while testing your balance.


You don’t need those ellipticals and treadmills to help you get that cardio fix in. Instead, opt for a run or a brisk walk outside. Perhaps hop on that bike you haven’t touched in 6 months. Even throwing in some jumping jacks every couple of minutes will help you get that ever-so-loved cardiovascular workout in.

We all try to make up excuses as to why we can’t get our exercise bout in, and we just may not have any idea how to do so without the usual gym stimuli. Luckily, fitness can be achieved anywhere with a little bit of creativity and flexibility. As long as you’re performing good technique, you’re good to go. Knowing that exercise can occur anywhere gives us less excuses and more opportunity to better our health.


***note: these are just suggestions, not prescriptions***



Rachel Jimenez

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