NBA All-Star 2018 Mock Draft

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In a new format this season, LeBron James and Stephen Curry, the leading vote getters in their respective conferences – will choose the two NBA All-Star teams. Rosters will be chosen without regard for conference affiliation from the pool of starters and reserves.

James’ and Curry’s first four selections must come from the pool of starters. James will select ahead of Curry because he finished with the highest overall voting total. Curry, however, will get the first selection among the reserves.

Boston’s Kyrie Irving, Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan, Milwaukee’a Giannis Antetokounmpo, Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid, Houston’s James Harden, Golden State’s Kevin Durant, New Orleans’ Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins comprise the group of starters James and Curry will choose from.

New York’s Kristaps Porzingis, Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler, Washington’s John Wall and Bradley Beal, Golden State’s Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, Cleveland’s Kevin Love, Boston’s Al Horford, San Antonio’s LaMarcus Aldridge, Indiana’s Victor Oladipo , Toronto’s Kyle Lowry and Portland’s Damian Lillard rounded out the All-Star reserves, who were selected by NBA head coaches.

NBA All-Star Mock Draft: Starters

1st Pick: LeBron James selects Kevin Durant.

2nd Pick: Steph Curry selects Anthony Davis.

3rd Pick: LeBron James selects Giannis Antetokoumpfo.

4th Pick: Steph Curry selects Demarcus Cousins.

5th Pick: LeBron James selects James Harden.

6th pick: Steph Curry selects Kyrie Irving.

7th pick: LeBron James selects Demar Derozan.

8th pick: Steph Curry selecuts Joel Embiid.
James’ starters: Guard – Harden, Guard – Derozan, Forward – James, Forward – Durant, Forward – Antetokoumpfo

Curry’s starters: Guard – Curry, Guard – Irving, Forward – Davis, Center – Cousins, Center – Embiid

NBA All-Star Mock Draft: Bench

9th pick: Steph Curry selects Russell Westbrook.

10th pick: LeBron James selects Kristaps Porzingis.

11th pick: Steph Curry selects Karl-Anthony Towns.

12th pick: LeBron James selects John Wall.

13th pick: Steph Curry selects Klay Thompson.

14th pick: LeBron James selects Jimmy Butler.

15th pick: Steph Curry selects Kevin Love.

16th pick: LeBron James selects Damian Lillard.

17th pick: Steph Curry selects Bradley Beal.

18th pick: LeBron James selects Victor Oladipo.

19th pick: Steph Curry selects Kyle Lowry.

20th pick: LeBron James selects LaMarcus Aldridge.

21st pick: Steph Curry selects Draymond Green.

22nd pick: LeBron James selects Al Horford.
Curry’s bench: Guard – Westbrook, Center – Towns, Guard – Thompson, Forward – Love, Guard – Beal, Guard – Lowry, Forward – Green

James’s bench: Forward – Porzingis, Guard – Wall, Forward – Butler, Guard – Lillard, Guard – Oladipo, Forward – Aldridge, Center – Horford.



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