Monitor MAC & windows through TOS Spy Software

The computer machines without the shadow of the doubt are the mother of all technological inventions. It is arguably one of the best inventions the technology has ever come with. The computer machines are plenty of kinds such as windows and MAC. These two operating systems have made the history when it comes to their usage. Now everyone has these machines whether a user is working in the corporate sector, government sector or studying in an educational institute. However, these machines have to be monitored sometime. A user can use the computer spying app to track the MAC and Windows devices.

TOS computer tracking software (Windows + MAC)

TheOneSpy is responsible to develop such a contemporary and state of the art computer tracking software that allows a user to spy on the windows and MAC devices to the fullest. A user can use these tools that allow users to have an effective computer tracking services. Let’s discuss both the tracking tool for the windows and MAC.

The Windows tracking spyware

It empowers users to track the computers that are running with the Windows operating system, it does not matter either the machines are laptops or desktops. Let’s take a look that windows surveillance software tool to track window machines.  



  • Website blocking


A user can block all the websites that user thinks that would be inappropriate for the target users such as kids and teens. A user can use it and block all the websites on the target computer machines of windows OS. A user just needs to put the URLs of all the websites into the filters. Then it would be impossible to get access for the target user to the blocked websites.


  • User-friendly reports


It empowers users to get time to time user-friendly reports regarding the each and every single activity happen on the target windows device. Employers within the business world can spy on all the activities of their employees within the working hours while using the widow computers.


  • On-demand screenshots


A user can get screenshots of all the activities happen on the machines remotely from any place. A user just needs to send the command to the computer device running with windows OS. Once the machines have got the command it will start capturing screenshots remotely.


  • Stealth Monitoring


It allows user to monitor the windows machines without letting know a single clue that someone has kept a hidden on their activities.

The MAC monitoring app

A user can spy on the computers that are running with the MAC operating system. It allows a user to spy on the activities that a target user has done on the machine of MAC OS.



  • Website blocking


It enables a user to block the particular websites that users want to; they just need to put the URLs of the websites into the filters.


  • Camera bug


A user can hack the camera of MAC laptop machine that has placed on the front side of the device. The hacking of the camera provides information that who is up to on the device.


  • Keylogger


A user can track each and every single pressed keystroke on the MAC computer desktop or laptop. A user will get passwords, messenger’s keystrokes, SMS and email keystrokes. Then a user can easily get access to the device and the programs running within.


  • Screen recording


A user can also view the target MAC machine’s screen activities through screen recording of the MAC spy app. A user just has to send the command on the machine and it will start making back to back videos of the screen b hacking the camera of the Mac machine and user will see the recording of the screen.




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