Mo Williams Drops NBA Season High 52

Right as I’m done mentioning Pau turning back the clock, we skip to Tuesday night where 12-year veteran Mo Williams puts on a show in Indiana. With 52 points on 19-33 shooting, Mo had it absolutely rolling last night. For someone who’s been averaging 11 points per game and well past his prime, I again cannot comprehend the trend at hand in the NBA. WHY ARE THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS (old guys) SCORING?! What happened to finding out Steph Curry hit 11 3’s at the garden, how in the world has Kobe not hit the 50-mark yet shooting a league leading 20.8 field goals per game? How is it that some of the more unexpected players (again older guys) are having career nights? Well that’s the association for ya.

Mo Williams

When asked in the locker room if there was a point he knew he was in the zone, Mo replied, “Absolutely, when I’m shooting fade away shots, out-of-bounds on 2 or 3 people, it was probably then.” And he’s not stretching the truth by any means. He hit 6 threes, none of which I can say (for the most part) would a basketball coach consider fundamentally sound. Fade away 3’s over 3 people is correct, he even hit an impossible cross-body heave from deep that actually warranted a 4-point play. He wasn’t lying when he mentioned that he told opposing Pacer point-guard C.J. Watson, “Aint nothing ya’ll can do today, don’t even worry about it…I was shooting in the pacific today, and he just shook his head like ‘yeah.’” Get ‘em Mo.
By all means, we’re fully aware the 1-time all-star used to be fully capable of this. But for someone whose season high prior to Tuesday night was 25 points, doubling that performance out of nowhere seems beyond odd. Sure with a depleted, young, and injury plagued roster it makes sense that the opportunity to drop such an obscene of buckets is possible. But Ricky Rubio, whom Mo Williams is starting in place of, has been out of the lineup since November 7th– Where was Mo till then? Whatever the case may be- This is a testament to how talented these athletes are, a testament to age not being a factor in a game that favors the talented, disciplined, and gifted. This is why I love this game.



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