MJ Makes Mistake In The Signing Of Lance Stephenson

lance stephenson

Worst season ever?

I’m assuming six rings on the court doesn’t equate to much off the court. Well, that seems to be exactly the case ever since The G.O.A.T himself, Michael Jordan took to the Charlotte Hornets (Bobcats at the time) front office in 2006 to be the “Managing Member of Basketball Operations.” It’s been nothing short of a never ending nightmare for the entire Bobcats/Hornets franchise this past decade ever since MJ stepped foot in its front office.
Nine seasons have passed and it’s hard to tell what looks worse on his resume- the fact that they’ve made the playoffs once as an 8th seed, or Jordan’s horrific drafting. Till this day, nobody can decide what was a worse decision, picking Kwame Brown first overall, or picking Adam Morrison at all. Fast forward to today and the free agent signing of Brooklyn’s own, Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson.

Lance Stephenson Making Things Worse

Lance has been in the league for five years now, leaving this year to be statistically his worst year to date. Ever since he inked that 3 year, $27 million deal this past summer with the Hornets, things couldn’t have gotten worse for both parties. With a duo of talent in big man, Al Jefferson and NCAA Tournament champ Kemba Walker, the addition of Stephenson to the Hornets seemed to be a sure contender to at least make the playoffs. In fact, he made them worse.
Setting the record for lowest 3-point percentage in history (with a minimum of 100 attempts) “Born Ready” shot a woeful 17% from behind the arc. And to add insult to injury, his total win shares (advanced stat that measures how many wins a player adds to his team) ranked dead last in the association at -0.8.

On The Bright Side

MJ brought in Lance to simply “compete against LeBron” because as he put it, “If you want to get out of the east, you have got to get past LeBron.” Well too bad Lance won’t even get a chance to play against LeBron in the playoffs or blow in his ear for that matter. The only silver lining in this whole situation for Jordan and the Hornets is that the 3rd year of his contract is a team option, meaning Charlotte can (and most likely will) let him go by then. Keep trying MJ, at least it’s entertaining watching you cheer on your mediocre squad in your VIP seat right by the bench.



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