See Immigrant Scorn For Americans In The Big Dakota Pipeline Land-rape

Dakota Pipeline

They’re not sending their best. They’re bringing crimes. They’re rapists. And some of them, I assume, are good people.” – Sioux Chief Sitting Bull regarding the European/American illegal immigration into the First Nations territory.

No, Sitting Bull didn’t say that. What he did say sounds much more like the words of an intelligent statesman and much less like the ramblings of a drunken racist:

The love of possessions is a disease with them [white Euro-Americans]. They take tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich who rule. They claim this mother of ours, the Earth, for their own and fence the neighbors away.

“If America had been twice the size it is, there still would not have been enough.” – Sitting Bull

A person can’t speak about the threat undocumented workers bring to our way of life in America without accepting a healthy helping of hypocrisy on his or her shoulders. All of us with European blood are here because our ancestors had the balls (or vaginas, as Sheng Wang explained) to brave the trip to a land of opportunity. That opportunity, though, came because the first white people here poached the sovereign land of the tribes that were here before them. If you’re OG American enough, your ancestors didn’t just benefit from this “civilization” – they took part in, or pushed for, the removal, slaughter and subjugation of the people inhabiting these lands when they arrived. Namely, Europeans were the illegal aliens first and brutalized the Americans  in a much more sinister and murderous way than anything the GOP is claiming a few South Americans, Africans, Asians and Eastern European refugees have the possibility of doing. The Dakota Pipeline is just the most recent example of our rotten treatment of the natives.

There are white people whose families didn’t benefit from slavery; but nobody can deny that the rise of modern American “civilization” was written in the blood of the native. And one of the greatest, most sophisticated and widespread tribes that Westward expansionists were most proud of destroying was the Sioux nation. Supposedly we became civilized in this century, once we’d broken the Indian spirit and sent them to live on ugly plots of land. But at that point, we showed them the respect of noble conquerors, wiped the slate clean and while we previously poisoned them and raped their women and killed their children, often right before their very eyes (to be fair, American tribes did some of that too, especially the real badasses like the Apaches and the Comanches), we now made promises to treat them squarely, would show them the American way that respects deals and promises and land-ownership. That would make the slaughter okay.

Never mind that we turned the Lakota Sioux’s sacred Black Hills into a monument to great white hero masturbation.  Or that we didn’t award the First Nations’ final obeisance with the mutual respect of ownership and humanity free-market back-slappers claim is one of America’s most marked advantages over the commies and the dictators and the empires, the sanctity of contracts. Nope, even after the lands were given and treaties signed, American businesses and governments have continued to take territory from the tribes through grift or in many cases outright theft from tribes whenever it fits their interests. Take this recent protest of the Dakota Pipeline, the most prominent Native American protest in current memory and yet another example of the white man’s true legacy as immigrants without honor.

European Immigrants: Stealing Lands From American Natives Since the 18th Century

The Dakota Access Pipeline was fast-tracked by the Army Corps of Engineers while we were all whipped into a froth over the Keystone XL debate. A 1,172 mile, 30-inch-diameter crude superhighway, originally the Dakota Pipeline was supposed to cross the Missouri near Bismarck but when people complained about its threats to their drinking water it was moved somewher far from any civilized people. It was moved to land bordering the Standing Rock Sioux, land taken in a 1958 land grab to make the Oahe Dam because, hell, the US government wanted it. Through our forced annexation of supposedly-sovereign native lands, we’re just as bad as the Russians with their Ukrainian land grab or the Chinese with their claims on supposedly-Japanese islands.

And it took a massive protest and the eventual desecration of the Sioux’s holy ground to get anybody to pay attention to the fact that this is still happening all the time, especially as the American energy industry, frightened by the spectre of clean energy and the eventual evolution of the industry into the very fossils it has pillaged, is pulling out all the stops to extract every bit of fossil fuel it can from the ground before politicians concerned about “global warming” make that stockpile of oil and coal and shale gas completely worthless.

Like Wyoming Governor Matt Mead’s fight to take some coal-rich lands from the Wind River Tribe. Or even just a few years ago in North Dakota, stealing land from tribes for its fossil fuels extraction (though this is also somewhat complicated — there are allegations of tribal leaders actually approving the land grab in exchange for sweetheart deals to line their own pockets and screw the rest of the tribe).

A people’s freedom has been savaged by European immigrants since they first started coming over the conquering the “noble savages.” And perhaps it will take something drastic for average working class (and especially the extraction laborers) to ever see it. Something like an alien invasion.

Someday, Aliens Will Reveal Our Hypocrisy

Everybody loves Hollywood movies where aliens try to take over the world and destroy our way of life but we fight them off despite our primitive weapons just because we have spirit and ingenuity. But that’s not reality. If aliens have advanced enough technology to come to our planet, likely they have atomic and charged-particle weapons our top minds haven’t even considered. And likely they’ll fully subjugate us, eventually. We can only hope they don’t exterminate us; they simply set aside shitty lands for the survivors of the alien genocide to inhabit, places where our best hope for the future is simply to continue to exist and at best assimilate into their weird alien traditions.

No doubt once that happens the survivors, especially in America, will do a searching and fearless moral inventory of our own mistreatment of the original inhabitants of this vast land. Now let’s imagine that these “benevolent” aliens allow us to live as long as we worship their deity, the 4-headed gorgon of the higher energy, and wear their clothes, which are like big rubber weight-sucking wrestling suits, and learn their way of life, which mostly amounts to extracting large amounts of swamp gas from deep swamp deposits, which will be turned into sexual pleasure juice since the aliens have everything they could want thanks to their mastery of the atom except a libido. And since DC is built on a swamp, and the aliens have no use for its primitive centers of democracy, they decide to drill and then build a pipeline. We ask them to have it pass through anywhere except the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Monument and especially not Arlington Cemetery since those places are sacred to us; they’re the last vestiges of our history, a depository of our most-respected ancestors. Our holy places. But then the aliens realize that the best route for their pleasure juice pipeline is through these exact holy places. Incidentally, this sex juice makes us fuck like rabbits too, our own ancillary benefit even if it’s not worth all the sacrifices of our lifestyle and livelihood and especially of our most sacred lands.

That’s what’s happening in the Dakota Pipeline situation. That’s why protesters turned out in such high numbers, ranging from tribal leaders to Jason Momoa (Khal Drago to you and me) to Leo DiCaprio. Because oil and natural gas prices have crashed due to the fact that we have enough to power us beyond either the destruction of our planet or the end of fossil fuel usage at the hands of clean fuel and heavy regulations, there’s no need for more digging and transport of fossil fuels, and certainly none so necessary that we need to destroy another people’s history.

Yet on Saturday, while we were stretching out for our long weekend thanks to the oppressed workers of this nation, a company violated the procedure of law and destroyed sacred grounds just to prove that they could. And today, Friday the 9th of September, the judge mulling over the case sided with the moneyed interests over the natives. Surprise surprise. Their sacred burial grounds and holy lands had no chance against America’s most holy of entities: money and those who pursue it.

In Business We Trust

That’s the battle cry of the Trump contingent. Of the Right in general. The Libertarians believe implicitly in the apotheosis of the businessman. That there is no greater calling for a human being than to be a successful entrepreneur. The Republicans believe in that AND in the oppression of gays, women, blacks, Mexicans and weed-smokers. Along those lines, the Trump thing makes sense — he has no history governing, no experience as a statesman or a public servant, constantly makes public gaffes and reveals his ignorance of international affairs (Russia isn’t in the Ukraine). Yet because he owns a lot of big businesses, and he’s run them relatively well (though that’s arguable), and even presented himself as a great boss in a reality series, he’s this great deal-maker on an elephant-shaped pedestal.

As the cries over Hillary’s immoral usage of a private email and meeting with powerful rich friends rise to a fever pitch, there is no way to besmirch Trump’s name. Mention the 1000-plus lawsuits against him, mention his unwillingess to release his tax returns, mention all the small vendors he’s screwed in the name of a healthy bottom line and you get the same answer: That’s not immoral, that’s just good business. As if there is no morality clause in business, it’s just a wild west of Darwinism on spreadsheets and to the most conniving and ruthless goes the spoils and the adulation. As if businesspeople can do no wrong and if we’d just let them get to work, unfettered by nuisance liberal regulations and social special interests, America would be a better place. And it would, for the few at the top. What about everybody else? Bulldozed.

As I said, the bulldozers ran through on Saturday. The tribe had protested the Dakota Pipeline and presented a list of the important sacred, archaeological and other relevant sites that were in jeopardy to a judge to see if the digging up of these violated Historic Preservation Act and thereby halt the build. So what did those great, law-abiding, moral, American businesspeople do? They waited until a long federal holiday weekend to fire up the machines and destroy the very spots that the tribe had presented as reasons to move the pipeline. Problem solved — no more sacred artifacts or lands to worry about. When the protesters tried to stop them, they were met by dogs and pepper spray. Lucky the Bundy gang wasn’t involved in the construction or there’d be a new Indian massacre at the hands of our favorite pseudo-cowboys.

Where are all the people telling the world they’re tired of powerful Americans like Hillary acting like they’re above the laws? Where are the folks claiming we’re a nation of law and order, where the courts and the decisions rendered therein (otherwise known as “laws”) are king?

Oh, they showed up. They called for law enforcement — the National Guard was put on alert, in fact. To protect the business interests of the Dakota Pipeline from the protesters. Of course. It was a grand statement:

Fuck your heritage. Fuck your ancestors. Fuck you, redskin. This is our America.”

It took Jill Stein, the liberal sideshow with a heart of gold and questionable positions on vaccines, spraypainting a bulldozer to get a judge to halt the construction  (Jill Stein, of course, is the only person who will face any charges  during this disgusting display of corporate greed over human interests).

So why has the transport of soon-to-be-obsolete fossil fuels been given such precedence over the interests of the only Americans who didn’t show up in vehicles or invade others’ territory? Why did the Army Corps of Engineers fast-track this project over, for example, the Keystone XL pipeline? Is it because they say that energy independence is in our national interest, perhaps? It seems odd that this would be such a priority when the Bakken boom is coming to an end. Perhaps it’s because the corruption of Hillary is nothing compared to the corruption of the big brass of the most-powerful industries.

The Revolving Door From Government Agent to Business Fixer

Today the biggest cry on everybody’s lips is, like, “Hillary met with a dude from Saudi Arabia who gave money to her foundation that does good work all over the world, the bitch.” But I haven’t seen them screaming about the fact that the woman tasked with ensuring that the builders of the pipeline (Energy Transfer Partners, or ETP) followed National Historic Preservation Act’s (NHPA) Section 106 rule — the tribal liaison for ETP — formerly worked for the Army Corps of Engineers. In fact, that liaison, Michele Dippel, lists as her top accomplishments of a career working for various oil companies (and the Army Corps) the fact that she can speed up pipeline construction. And this woman, with her emphasis on getting the job done as fast as possible, and with former colleagues at the one Federal Organization that can supersede practically any other, is supposed to be the one who ensures that companies take their time to respect the rights of those inconvenient little laws about “preservation.” No doubt she’s been paid more money than most of us will ever make to lean on those personal contacts of hers in government offices.

But Why is the Dakota Pipeline Such a National Priority?

Why is this project more important than the Standing Rock Sioux’s cultural heritage? It’s connecting the Bakken and 3 Forks fields with existing Illinois pipelines but what makes it such a priority that it warrants federal fast-tracking? Ahh, it’s so this can be done before statutes and clean energy technologies render such rapes of natural resources worthless. It’s all about raiding the kitty before the law shuts it down. Especially as ETP struggles with its own financial problems and banks on the success of this $4.8B project.

Likely when this is done it’ll be a redux of the late 19th century railways that were built to benefit the overlords, gave a little work to the underlings, and then left investors broke and laborers out of work when the lines were deemed worthless.

This is not a construction of necessary infrastructure, yet the people in charge of such deemed it a priority. It has limited temporal prospects yet it resulted in the destruction of priceless eternal holy grounds and artifacts that had existed for centuries. The Dakota Pipeline will someday go down as just the newest abuse against the most native of Americans at the hands of European immigrant business government interests despite the natives’ noble fight using America’s supposedly sacred traditional channels of legal procedure and nonviolent protest.

Think about that next time Trump brings up his wall to keep out the Mexicans. Because the most dangerous immigrants, the ones who have wreaked the most havoc on this land and continue to leave destruction in their wake as they burn the locals over and again, are those lily-white scumbags who have consideration for nothing except their own consumption.



Ryan Ariano

Born and raised in Baltimore, Ryan has been kicking around the west since the first Clinton White House. Having worked all over SoCal in the surf industry, Hollywood, marketing, journalism and finance, he now hangs his hat just outside Jackson Hole where he can fulfill an addiction to ascending and descending mountains.

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