Maria Chimes In: Episode 12 – We Are Made of Music


Music is our essence.




This week on Maria Chimes In, co-host Kathryn Tam and I delved into a topic that is intrinsic to our spirits, but one we have yet to thoroughly examine: music. We believe whole-heartedly that music of all types transcends differences and is a universal, unifying force. Music makes the world go round — it is what our hearts and souls are made of. We began with a discussion of own unique tastes in music, ranging from ethereal groups like The Naked and Famous to hip-hop legends like Drake.


Our tastes constantly evolve, but the one remaining, consistent element is that music dares us to feel and expects us to exist outside the touch of time. Certain songs will always bring us back to varying points in our lives, carrying with them the unparalleled ability to elicit emotions unfelt for years, even decades. Through music we are able to recall past loves, flings, friendships, failures, and successes, perhaps gifting us the fleeting opportunity to view our past selves.


Artists like Coldplay, MGMT, Laura Marling, Weezy, Taylor Swift, Beirut — all so different, so distinct — yet they’re all able to penetrate the core, to affect our psyche and touch all of our senses. We discussed the brilliance of artist collaboration, the relationship between music of decades past and present, like 70s rock intertwining with hip-hop/rap. We have witnessed our connection to particular artists and genres endure, but our acceptance and willingness to venture beyond our typical selections signal a process of maturation. True appreciation for music, we concluded, results in the validation of music of all kinds — from alternative rock to Top 40.


We learn about ourselves through music, and are most apt to channel our own inner creative process when our spirits are set on fire. Though we’ve come a long way from the angsty years of My Chemical Romance, our appreciation for those days, for those transient moments, have never been lost. Music will forever be in our bones, and will be an eternal flame for our memories.



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