Last Stand For Nostalgic White People Means Hating Marches And Opposition To Trump

last stand

There seem to be a lot of people (mainly white) who are incredibly upset that millions of women gathered to march this weekend and that people plan on resisting Donald Trump through protest and even rioting. These people seem not to understand that the marches had a platform (not just women’s rights), and that Trump, nor the fascism he has espoused, (banning Muslims, Muslim registry, silencing the press) will just “be accepted” by millions of people.

Furthermore, they claim they didn’t do this when Obama was elected. Either they weren’t paying attention in 2008 or they’re just being purposefully hypocritical. They all seem to have the same refrain which is “get over it.” Ironically, many of these are the same people upset over the Confederacy losing and their flag not being shown on public grounds. They can’t get over a war which was lost over 150 years ago, but expect people to be submissive in accepting a newly-elected President, and at that one elected under very questionable circumstances, who espouses fascist beliefs?

Last Stand For Nostalgic White People

What excites me is the breaking of the unified front of racism that seemingly many white people were a part of. The majority of young white people now support Black Lives Matter. The vast majority of the violent rioters during Trump’s inauguration were white. The vast majority of the people in the women’s marches were white. Barely 50% of white people support Trump (obviously the vast majority of minorities he’s offended do not support him).

With the majority of babies now being of color, in combination with the growing power of people of color and women, this is truly the nostalgic white person’s final gasp. They will have to hope that Trump can rollback what FDR, LBJ and BHO have done to forever change the face of our country. Without the support of a majority of people, let alone white people, this is nothing more than the last stand of the white person longing for when America was “great”. Ironically, when you ask them when this was, none of them can answer when America was great, which is why progress for all Americans (not just white ones) is undeniable. My suggestion to these people is to get over it.



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