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James Earl “Jimmy” Carter Jr.: 39th Retrospective

Jimmy Carter represented confidence and optimism when the country needed both. He sold himself as an outsider who wasn’t a part of the dramatic events of the ’60s, nor Watergate. Carter wanted to be a different kind of president. He walked the inaugural parade route from the capital to the...


The Six Issues The 9th Circuit Ruled On In Rejecting Trump’s Appeal

Dan McLaughlin reviews how the Ninth Circuit has delivered its decision in State of Washington v. Trump. The court rejected the Trump Administration’s appeal from the temporary restraining order preventing the Administration from enforcing President Trump’s executive order on refugees. The decision by a 3-judge panel (appointees of Presidents Carter,...

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Trump Ban Is Analogous To Nothing Obama Did As President

The justification for Trump’s recent ban on Muslims has been “Obama did it first.” Well, Obama didn’t do it first. In fact, Obama did no such thing. There are at least three differences between what Obama enacted, and what Trump and his supporters are claiming are actions similar to Obama’s....