Killing The Breeze with Ryan Ross Smith of Twin Thousands

Ryan Ross Smith

From Brooklyn to Troy.

Killing The Breeze sits down with Ryan Ross Smith of Twin Thousands. Twin Thousands is an indie-pop band from Brooklyn. The band’s core members are Gretta Cohn (previously of the band Cursive and regular Saddle Creek Records cellist), Kevin Thaxton, Thayer McClanahan, Peter Smith and Gene Park. Ryan discusses My Space, musical arrangement, digitization of musical scores, life in Troy as a graduate student, and what happens to bands while making an album.


Ryan Ross Smith

In 2007, Twin Thousands self released Summer EP, and their first studio album Twin Thousands in 2010. The single “Like You A Lot” featuring Kelly Pratt of Arcade Fire had the band poised to begin a musical career. And then their MySpace went quiet…
Ryan Ross Smith shares with KTB and their listeners what has happened since. Smith talks about remaining true to the process of making music, his musical inspiration, the historical evolution from the piano to today and allowing access to new genres music for all. Smith also shares his new projects and his own evolution and sound.
We’ll call Ryan the music professor from here on out. I was in awe as he talked about the focus of his advanced study in the theory and origin of music and really sound will aid us in the future. It’s really a fascinating conversation.
While we get into it some, Ryan continued the conversation we have had with Michele Amador and Werewitch concerning the disappearance of performance venues in Brooklyn. It is ultimately a delight and frustration that i have with the podcasts. I love the end product, but some of the best stuff takes place when people know they don’t have the microphone on.
Twin Thousands

Ryan Ross Smith Playlist:

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Squarepusher: Ufabulum
Mew: No More Stories…
Sparklehorse: Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
Pall Ivan Palsson
Jesper Pedersen
Thrainn Hjalmarsson



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