It’s Probably Healthier To Keep It Single


Good for 1 or 2

It’s over. It’s done. We have survived yet another Valentine’s Day, or as some like to call it, “Singles Awareness Day.” If you were so lucky to be granted the pleasure of having a Valentine or a snapchat “me and bae,” I’m sure your day was nauseatingly romantic. Maybe you had a bouquet of flowers and chocolate delivered to you, maybe you shared a fancy meal together, and maybe you were lucky enough to have both luxuries. Congratulations to all you happy couples, I hope you tipped your servers well.
But if you were not lucky enough to snag a Valentine this year, you’d probably describe this day to be one filled with self-bought chocolate, a bathtub’s worth of wine, and a pity party of how you suck at dating. And after the binge day of the year comes to an end, you probably feel like you’ve eaten and drank enough to cover the rest of the year. What’s better than feeling lonely? Lonely, full, and fat. LOVELY. Who knew that the things you turned to for comfort could still leave you feeling worse than you did before?
But fear not, my single friends, for I have wonderful news for you. No, I cannot go back in time and tell you to say “yes” to that guy/girl who asked you to be their valentine in the least awkward way possible, but I can try to help you stop looking at your day of indulgence as a gluttonous lonely splurge and instead see it for a day filled with healthier options and financial savings (but I’m not going to say that drinking 2 full bottles of wine or eating a 36-serving box of chocolate is good for you).

Stop Whining about Wine

It doesn’t really matter if you had a date or not, wine probably came into the picture on February 14th. For those who didn’t have a date, maybe you consumed a little more than you would on a candle lit dinner with your imaginary beau.
Well, instead of focusing on the sheer fact that you feel bloated and buzzed, turn your attention to the many benefits of this adult grape juice. A 6 oz. glass of wine only ranges from 107-275 calories, and that 275 is just if you opt for a sweet dessert wine. It also provides 9-19 grams of carbs, which can be surprising given that you’re technically drinking fruit juice.
But here’s where it gets interesting, Medical News Today identified various benefits of wine consumption including: reducing depression risks, anti-aging properties, raising omega-3 acid levels, and other awesome findings that are all supported by research. Wine Folly also offered great findings like the many nutrients found in wine. Some of which are: fluoride, manganese, potassium, and iron. Obviously, going and drinking an entire bottle is not going to provide added benefits, so don’t get too hyped. Drink responsibly.

I’m In Love with the Cocoa

Chocolate is a staple in the world of Valentines and singles. It does a great job at wooing your mate and temporarily filling the hole in your heart that you think needs to be occupied with love. It’s sweet, it’s silky, and it’s actually healthy (in moderation). If we take out all the unhealthy ingredients like sugar and other additives we normally find in a piece of chocolate, this comfort food actually provides some great health perks. Authority Nutrition reports that cocoa is filled with antioxidants.
Along with this, the compounds in dark chocolate can help raise HDL’s in your body (the good cholesterol), lower the risk of CVD, and protect your skin from sun damage. So while the concentration of these compounds may be minimal in the name brand, calorie dense, sugar-filled chocolate hearts that are most commonly enjoyed, they’re still there. Chocolate is not all bad.

Your Wallet Thanks You

No, you may not have gone on an extravagant date, but you may have done your bank account a favor. Fox Business reported that the average spent on gifts in 2012 was about $168 for men and $85 for women. In 2013, a total of $1.9 billion were spent of flowers, and a total of $4.4 billion were spent on jewelry. Note that doesn’t include the price for dinner, reservations, attire, or any of the other expenses that come with wanting to put together a good date. A dress can easily range from $50-300, and dinner can add up with multiple courses. If you spent your night in pajamas and fuzzy socks, imagine how much your wallet was thanking you that evening.
So even if you didn’t get to go on a romantic date and opted to have a night filled with your favorite guilty pleasures, you too had a day filled with love. In moderation, chocolate and wine can provide delightful health benefits to pair with their delectable taste. And as for your financial standings, you may have saved yourself from a day of infinite spending. So keep your head up, and rejoice in your day of splurge galore.



Rachel Jimenez

An Exercise Science major at USF with a love for dance, food, and sarcastic banter. Oh, and she was gluten free before it was cool. instagram: @sassycalves twitter: @itsraayy

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