Introducing Ty Dolla $ign: His Way Or Nah?

In today’s hip hop stratosphere, if you want to be a rap mogul or anything close to it, you have to be able to find talent that’s sustainable in the game. Well, America’s new favorite pothead, Wiz Khalifa, has found that and more in California’s own Ty Dolla $ign.
Writing songs and treatments for artists ranging from Chris Brown, all the way to Compton’s YG, Dolla $ign’s general music making ability is limitless. The “Paranoid” artist has had a long journey, even working with the likes of artists like Will.I.Am and Justin Timberlake, all with remaining the same person he was from the start.

Ty Dolla $ign

As one of the label’s cover artists alongside YG and DJ Mustard on The Source, Ty Dolla $ign explains exactly why staying true to himself and making his own form of R&B was the key to his success, “It means a lot. It means i made my own kind of R&B and to do my thing and be respected for it feels f***ing great…just do your own s**t and the people are gonna love you for being you.” Well said Dolla.
Dubbed The ‘King of Ratchet R&B’, Ty mentions the success of “Toot it and boot it” to be his claim to fame although it was not the general route he planned on taking. “I had never really touched into that club s*** but I also wanted to do my s*** which was that R&B slow shit.” And boy did he ever, whether its his 30 million YouTube hits for “Paranoid” or even the whopping 63 million for “Or Nah,” The new Taylor Gang signee has got it all figured out.
Many new artists have been adopting his sound and songwriting technique but Ty Dolla looks at it as a form of flattery, claiming that we all are influenced by the great ones, and he’s just happy to pass on some game to his fellow rapper/singer hybrids…I think that’s what you call them. With his album set to (finally) drop at the top of the year, “Free TC” is a celebration album that is dedicated to his younger brother, TC who is currently incarcerated for a murder he did not commit. We’ll keep our ears open, for now…keep bringin’ those hits Dolla.



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