Inauguration Numbers, Alternative Facts and Our New President


Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer told a number of lies when addressing the media the day after the inauguration concerning the attendance. Those lies include: his claim that grass covers were never used before when they were used in 2013; the use of magnetometers in the back of the crowd when there were not; the number of transit trips on Obama’s inauguration which he deflated; and viewership both in person and around the globe, where it may be true for the latter and both combined, but certainly not for the former.

The fact that the President and his press secretary even felt the need to give a press conference about this is interesting and shows how much of a narcissist Donald is. The fact that they lied is the story, not the crowd. President Donald Trump’s first press briefing was a misinformation campaign about something that hurt his ego, which was easily debunked. What a way to start a presidency, but there’s more.

Inauguration to Alternative Facts

To cover up for that debacle of a press conference, Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway introduced the term “alternative facts” into the political lexicon. While many of us would just call them lies, like apparently with Nazis and their platform, we have to hear out what it is the administration is saying. It seems the game is much like the campaign went. There will be an objective set of facts, those facts will be disputed by the Trump camp with a “new” set of facts distributed, leaving the people to decide what is true and isn’t.

I look forward to holding this admnistration accountable over the next four years. With the start they have had, it will be incumbent upon all Americans to scrutinize them, whether they agree with Trump or not. Otherwise, what we have is a dictatorship with our leaders telling us how well things are going and how much our leadership is liked.



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