How to Perform Deep Tissue Massage for Neck and Shoulder Pain

deep tissue massage
Your neck and shoulders are literally responsible for carrying the weight of the whole world. The world has developed this head forward attitude that has left many people leaning forward and looking down effectively putting some pressure on their neck and shoulder muscles.
At times, we mistake it for fatigue and use the hot shower and sleep remedy, which only works momentarily. Neck and shoulder pains can further cause back pains, headaches, and in some instances tight muscles. The reason for the pain is the extra pressure put on the neck muscle to support your head every time you lean forward. However, you do not need medicine to manage neck and shoulder pain; a deep tissue massage will do just fine.
Deep tissue massage relieves muscle spasms, increases blood flow, and lengthens connective tissue. As a result, your body ends up going back to a comfortable position. Contrary to popular belief, deep tissue massage does not have to be painful. Cross fiber friction coupled with a slow and rhythmic massage ensure that you do not add to your neck and shoulder pain.

How To Give A Deep Tissue Massage

Before whipping out the massage oil, if possible, you should familiarize yourself with the muscle structure of the neck and shoulders. This information goes a long way in ensuring that you apply pressure on the required places to not only relax the body but also alleviate the pain in the neck and shoulders. Try matching the structure in the images to the muscles on the person you are massaging by feeling them with your hands.
The first step is making sure that the person you are massaging is seated in a comfortable position. While the same massage can still work when one is lying down, it tends to be more efficient when sitting comfortably. Make sure that they sit on something that gives you full access to the back of the shoulders. A stool will do just fine, but a cushion on the ground is also okay as long as they sit cross-legged and upright.
After establishing a comfortable posture, apply some massage oil and then start off with light but long strokes. Use your fingertips to warm up the muscles before diving straight into the deep end. The reason for this is because, once pressure is applied to painful muscles, they can stiffen up further making the massage pointless.
Apply some light, but firm pressure on the sides of the neck down to its base then sweep over the shoulders. Nonetheless, make sure the pressure is even. While doing this, you will feel some hard knots, these indicate tension and can be eliminated through focused pressure coming from your thumbs. Apply pressure on those spots in a circular motion to relieve the stress.
Next, place your thumb on one side of the back of the neck and the tips of the other fingers on the other sides then slide them down while maintaining the same pressure. Repeat the process then move on to the side and using your thumb to put even pressure. However, you can focus your attention on any tension knots you witness along the way.
The side of the neck can be difficult to massage as it is close to the throat. Nonetheless, all that’s needed is for you to place your thumb at the back of the neck and the other finger on the front then apply even pressure downwards. After that, apply pressure on the shoulder blades using your fingertips but use the heel of your shoulder when getting in between the blades.
With the above method, you should be able to alleviate any neck and back pains and get yourself rejuvenated to continue with your day-to-day business. However, if you cannot afford or don’t wish to visit the spa or massage parlor very often, you can always use a handheld massager. Among its benefits is the fact that you can give yourself a massage anytime you want while at home or even in your office.
A handheld massager will also offer the same deep tissue massage as a masseuse would with a vibrator that produces a pounding effect similar to focused pressure on tension knots. Even better, as a machine, it releases heat which is imperative in helping your muscles relax. You can find the best hand held massager for your requirements here.
Whether you will use technology or prefer a good old visit to the spa, a deep tissue massage should come as often as possible if you have neck and shoulder pains. It is the easiest and most natural way to cure any muscle tension and get you rejuvenated.



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