How to Live Positively Like A Normal Cynic


You are in control of how positive you can be



What were the first thoughts that went through your mind this morning? You want 5 more minutes? Should you sleep 5 more minutes or eat breakfast? What’s that little red bump on your chin? Was that there yesterday? The moment we awake from a hopefully deep and relaxing sleep, the uncertainties and anxieties of the day begin to infiltrate our thoughts. We spread ourselves too thin and don’t give ourselves enough credit. Humility is important, but a pat on the back once in a while won’t hurt. We all need to practice mindfulness, and become aware of the thoughts that permeate our minds at critical junctures: when we awake and when we go to sleep.


As New Yorkers, our priorities are sometimes off. It’s no wonder New York is the ‘city that never sleeps.’ The adage is less about the late night stores and bright lights, and more about the city’s inhabitants who don’t know how to disconnect and say goodnight.  We need to learn how to truly ‘take care’ and examine our current lifestyle honestly making appropriate changes that will allow us to live well and be well.
The Huffington Post’s Lindsey Holmes describes the ‘8 Habits of Perpetually Positive People’ in a recent article. We all know people who are able to view life a little differently, whose heads aren’t in the clouds, but choose to seize life and look at the upside. We are all capable of following suit. As Dr. Melissa Blakeman, the Regional Medical Director at Johns Hopkins University explains, positive people just “engage in behaviors that reinforce their positive frame-of-mind.”


Remaining positive is the result of our thinking and our actions. According to Dr. Blakeman, maintaining a calming ritual, such as meditation or exercise, will aid with positive thinking and a clearer mindset. An analysis published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that fostering optimism can help conquer obstacles, leading to an overall greater well-being. Positive thinkers don’t ignore the inevitable difficulties in life, but instead they “approach them head on, with a ‘this too shall pass’ mentality.”
Perhaps most importantly on this list of habits — eliminating toxic relationships, celebrating little victories, using positivity to excel, and planning ahead — is self-acceptance. A true commitment to one’s self is the surest way to lead a productive and thoughtful life. It is our greatest defense against negativity and our chief ally in times of distress.



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