Here Are Things That Will Help Most In College

things that will help most

Bring these things in preparation for this spot.

We all know the basics when it comes to college essentials. You’re going to make sure you’ve got your books, your notebook, your backpack, and enough clothes to satisfy you until you’re next trip home. Several trips to Staples and Office Depot are taken at the beginning of the semester to cover all the class requirements, and you try your best to buy exactly what you “need.” Little did we know that college decided to leave out things that Will help most. Rather, I should say, our survival kit.

Khaki Pants

Not only do college classes consist of endless papers and lab reports, they ALSO include presentations. Not to say that this isn’t cool or unexpected, but it’s not cool when the professor throws in the reminder to dress “business casual.” Um, do you know who you’re talking to? I come to class in sweats and workout clothes, which happen to be all my closet consists of, as a result of my lack of employment and sheer lack of motivation to look nice. Our wardrobes range from homeless person to “that girl who took her shoes off at the club.” If I knew I needed to look “professional,” I’d of swung by Target with my mom or saved that 20 dollars I spent on Chipotle last week.

Walking Shoes

Class schedules can be a breeze, and sometimes they can be pure hell. I’ve found myself running across campus in 15 minutes to make class because I was unlucky enough to only find spots in classes on opposite ends of classes. If you aren’t walking or running to class, you’re probably walking to get food, to go to a party, or find a safe place to cry away your frustrations about class and life. To sum it up, YOU WALK EVERYWHERE. Campus is a Fitbit owner’s dream. If you don’t have a pair of good walking shoes, you’re going to experience some major foot cramps, foot pain, or a nice barefoot walk home known as the “walk of shame.” Birkenstocks (“Jesus sandals”) are worth the investment, and should be thrown on that “must have” list next to tuition money.

A Back Up Plan

This would have been nice to know after deciding I hated my initial major half way through my sophomore year. College kids change their major all the time, it’s actually more common than to have students stick with one major for all 4 years of school. What’s terrifying about that though is that the majority of those students must experience that moment of complete panic. We reached college, we were pressured into picking one field of study, we took some of the classes and planned out our future classes, only to abandon ship and jump into the seas of the unknown. That “what now” moment is absolutely terrifying. We now have to start back at square one and hop on the “I’m never finishing college” train. It’s cool to tell me that changing my major is a likely possibility, but you may want to throw in the suggestion to have a “Plan B” laid out just as intricate as Plan A.

A Punching Bag

The most important necessity that has been carelessly left off of my supply list. Combining the elements of class, roommates, attempts at being social, and the reality of being an “adult” of sorts is a one way ticket to insanity. I am constantly on the verge of a breakdown, and I can never decide if crying, yelling, or punching someone in the face is the best way to relieve my stress. If we all had something to take our frustration out on, I think we’d all be a little more sane. I’m not one to condone violence, but I do know when it’s appropriate to blow some steam on a good, old-fashion punching bag. No one gets hurt, and you feel better. It’s a win win.
Not sure if this alternate list would fly with any universities, but feel free to suggest these at your next college event.



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