Helpful Advice For Ending Self-Doubt Today

You don't have to feel like this.

You don’t have to feel like this anymore.

Self-doubt, the lurking, sneaky idea that we lack some sort of super-human quality that makes us less than. It is a negative and fabricated idea of self, one that does not have any root in reality, but is destructive and oppressive. When the going gets tough, we find ourselves in doubt mode — almost uncontrollable, negative thinking seeps into our minds, and we ignite a self-fulfilling prophecy. In times of doubt, perhaps the most crucial moments to stir change, we must dispel our insecurities and release them from our mind and soul. As ambitious millennials, we crave acceptance and encouragement, and fear criticism and rejection. We internalize critical advice and often distort it — allowing a cycle of self-doubt to reign and perpetuate. It is during this point in our lives that we find ourselves at a critical juncture; while young and unsure of ourselves, we must cultivate this time and recognize our true potential. Life is waiting.  

Seeing the Pattern

Founder of Beyond Asana, and Huffington Post contributor, Brittany Policastro details five potent steps for managing self-doubt in her recent article. “5 Steps of Managing Self-Doubt” examines Policastro’s own experience with insecurity and self-doubt regarding a new project launch — the word ‘failure‘ often permeating her thoughts. Negativity initially prevailed, but before it could fully take root, and reign, her inner yoga instructor and creative spirit took hold. Policastro’s first rule is simple: breathe. When self-doubt begins to take hold, she suggests breathing ‘deeply.’ Our cells fill with nourishment and become replenished, calming us down, and creating a more lucid perspective. Second, and integral to combating self-doubt, is recognition. “When you can identify the form that your doubt most often takes, you can catch it when it comes,” Policastro writes. Once the form of self-doubt is acknowledged — like repeating negative comments — it can be more easily monitored and more easily eliminated.  

Truth in Discussion

We are all guilty of self-questioning. Reflection is positive and necessary for personal growth, but continuously questioning our ability will do more harm than good. If we continue to identify with our egos, we are all subject to doubt. “The ego is the part of mind that judges, compares, complains, needs to be right and loves conflict,” Policastro maintains. When the ego is left in control, “therein lies the problem.” When self-doubt emerges, we need someone we can trust to listen. This is a powerful tool that allows us to release our feelings by empowering ourselves “with truth.” Rather than looking for validation, we must seek truth in discussion. “Always remember, you are the driver,” Policastro writes for her fifth step. We need not become overly worried by fleeting problems, but instead we must seek solace in what makes us feel alive, and in doing so, regain our power.



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