Heard of Data Cleansing? Here’s Why your Business Needs it Now!

If you are running a business you would know how crucial data is for your company. It’s perhaps the most beneficial aspect of your company and valuable too. The systems store the world of customer records in form of data which is also a major source of potential leads for the marketing needs of your company.

For example, the telecom companies use the customer data to market their different data plans, DTH services, Wi-Fi, etc., while the banks use the customer data to upsell their diverse products like, Life Insurance policies, retirement plans, child investment plans, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, home loans, personal loans, and so on.

In the account of this, maintaining a successful database environment becomes extremely important. While a company usually recruits or hires a database administrator to store and organize data and keep the entries up to date, using data cleansing tools can help reduce the cost significantly to fix to the errors. Moreover, these tools can also save a lot of time of the database administrator. But, what is data cleansing and how does it benefit your data quality?

What is Data Cleansing?

The school going kids love this tiny little stationery which in available in different shapes and fragrances and that’s the eraser. In fact, it’s an extremely useful tool even for the adults since this miniature tool helps erase any pencil written stuff easily and effectively. This helps you to correct any errors made on paper and make further edits.

Data cleansing is a similar process however, followed on the computer system or any data removable data storage device where the data is stored. This process makes sure that any irrelevant data is altered in the storage device to keep it accurate and free of errors. The process includes editing, updating, and deleting information in the database perhaps using parsing or any other techniques to eliminate any errors related to syntax, typography, or fragments.

If you analyse the data closely you would discover how duplication arises through intermixing of data sets, and this can be fixed by data cleansing.  This process is also known as data scrubbing. These data cleaning problems related to processes where out-of-date data is replaced with new data set such as, targeted data mining, or data maintenance, are often encountered by the database administrators, or other related staffs.

This makes the job of the database administrators even more complicated and hence, is an extremely vital role in any business that depends on huge database and accuracy for marketing. That is where the need of the data cleansing tool arises that makes life much easier for the database administrators in terms of time and money.

Why is data cleansing so important for your business?

  • Data is constantly losing its value and it becomes moth-eaten in no time. Soon you would find that many of the people or the numbers on the contact list do not exist anymore. Hence, data cleaning at regular intervals becomes imperative. Removal of unnecessary data and replaced with new data will not just save time, but also cut costs.
  • The cost of your business goes higher with error processing, manual trouble-shooting, inaccurate or inoperative invoice details, deliveries to the incorrect or non-existent postal addresses, or failure in processing the inaccurate or inoperative documents on time leading to supplier frustration or customer grievance.
  • Very often we end up mailing the recipients that are non-existent or to incorrect people which leads to wastage of time and affects productivity adversely. This is when you should use any of the data cleansing tools to remove any extinct data leading to less emails and fruitful results.
  • Incomplete data can lead to poor business decisions thereby, raising any expenses and service quality related to suppliers and customers.
  • It’s a competitive world and so, if your business needs that big edge and brand evolution the database needs to be up to date. Make sure that you get rid of any inaccurate or duplicate information that can leave a bad impression about your business.
  • Failure of ERP/CRM system can come to a grinding halt with insufficient transactional data.
  • Increasing the productivity should be of prime importance and so, you must ensure that you create a great customer relationship using pure data that provides correct and improved information. Besides refined data is significant for GDPR compliance.
  • Regular data cleansing procedure will help maintain compliance and consistency especially for data combined from different databases.
  • While it will be a cakewalk for you to find out the dormant or passive customers, clean data will also help you to find out any repeat customers. It will be helpful for you to set up new marketing strategies.

Given that data cleansing is an intrinsic process that’s tough to carry out and maintain, it’s essential to use data cleansing tools that can help your business save time and money. There are umpteen data cleansing software available online like, Data Ladder, Winpure, Drake, DataCleaner, and so on. Make sure that you choose a data cleansing software by a reputed brand that’s easy to use, extensible, interactive, and efficient.

However, to ensure that the tool (data quality/data cleansing) accomplishes the highest level of data quality perfection it should follow the correct order of operations. Therefore, the tool that you choose must analyse first even before planning. Make sure that you measure the data you want to fix to ensure highest level of data quality. There are different types of data cleansing tools available that belong to different categories:

  • Data profiling
  • Data parsing and standardization
  • Data monitoring
  • Data quality checklist
  • Data enrichment
  • Data cleansing

Finding the right data cleansing tool out of the tons of them available online can be a difficult task hence, identify your requirements and choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether you choose a hosted data cleansing tool or the ones provided by the vendors for internal deployment is completely your choice. Find a highly rated tool and save time and money while accuracy and database integrity is enhanced.



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