Gurriel Bigotry Warranted A World Series Suspension

Gurriel Bigotry
Houston’s Cuban first baseman Yuli Gurriel celebrated a home run off the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Japanese starting pitcher Yu Darvish with bigoted behavior in the Astros’ during game 3 of the World Series. His gesture is one that could never be interpreted as a sign of respect, and Gurriel acknowledged that it was wrong while reiterating he didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Gurriel Bigotry Lightly Regarded

Commisioner Rob Manfred’s issued a widely lauded 5 game suspension slated to start next year for the Gurriel bigotry. His stated reasons as to why the suspension was in the regular season rather than the World Series included:

  • It was important that the suspension carry lost salary (that’s only the case during the regular season).
  • It would be unfair to punish the other 24 players on Astros.
  • He was impressed with Darvish’s desire to move forward and this is best way to do that.
  • Delaying the suspension allows the opportunity for a player to exercise grievance rights.
  • This punishment is defendable but ultimately insufficient in confronting the problem. I have no problem with 5 games. Given the range of suspensions for bigoted language before, it seems reasonable. The 5 games should have been the remaining World Series games, and 1 game nexr year.

    The lost salary for 5 games is less important than the significance of no longer being able to play in the World Series because of your bigotry. It would leave a lasting impression in baseball.

    The idea of selfish actions punishing the whole team is the very idea of team sports. These kinds of actions reflect poorly on the Astros, the culture of Houston (given Bob McNair’s statements), and baseball. A stark reminder that bigotry will be punished is warranted given how brazen Gurriel’s act was.

    Yu Darvish wanting to move forward would happen if the suspension was now, instead of later. It also should not mitigate the punishment received for the act.

    Finally, Gurriel is expected not to appeal which makes sense. Bigots tend not to want to have light shined on their actions, and we all saw what he did.



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