Giving Your LinkedIn A Turbo Charge

LinkedIn is far more than a ‘professional’ social media service. Quite apart from it, marketing firm Adweek found that 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn. What this means is that you may well have as much of a chance finding an improved position through your passive internet presence as any active searching you engage in.

So, what can you do to improve your profile and make yourself an attractive proposition to those recruiters? Whether you’re an office worker or prefer to be managed from remote positions, these are some tips to get yourself up the ladder.

Keeping Up Appearances On LinkedIn

The simplest and quickest way to boost the professionalism of your profile is to make sure the first click is a lasting one. Research has shown that people judge within 30 seconds, and this is true even remotely due to the increasingly interconnected world. Getting the basic appearance and first impression right is the first step to becoming a LinkedIn power user.

Make sure your URL is appropriate. Use a clean, well presented image without shadows and with a positive expression; body language is everything after all. Make sure all of your writing is cogent, proof-read and in easy to understand English for qualifications and accreditation can confuse things. Finally, make sure your location is relevant and obvious.

Tailor Your Summary

Due to the course many people take through high school and college, their resumes are padded with too much extra detail – as are summaries. Whereas your passion for music and extreme sports is useful for fleshing out your character, there is such a thing as too much detail and not enough quality.

Your summary should be like your executive summary on your resume. Concisely highlight the best of your skills and experience, and exactly what you’re looking for from, or hope to offer to, prospective employers.

Start Networking

While many recruiters use LinkedIn, networking is still king. Knowing who to look to for a job and where to seek new opportunities is still key in making the most of your opportunities. LinkedIn is full of great communities. Scout them out and start communicating. You might find an opportunity through the most basic of conversations, or in an industry communication group on your communication platform of choice.

This is of course, only the start. You need to keep your LinkedIn updated, but also stay persistent, dedicated, and networking.



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