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Stephen Curry

Your kid is cute, but some people, including yourself, have a job to do.


NBA league mvp Stephen Curry brought his daughter Riley to the podium as many other NBA players have been doing recently. Off the top of my head, I believe I have seen Chris Paul, Jason Kidd and Derrick Rose do it. I have seen Tim Duncan do it at the end of a series. What’s wrong with cute kids at the podium after the game?

A Time And Place For Everything

This wasn’t it. Unless you believe it’s ok for kids to be in a work environment, you are not being honest with yourself if you don’t see how this was inappropriate. Stephen Curry was still at work, as those postgame press conferences are mandated for star players resulting in a fine if they miss it. His work day was not over.

Most Fans Approve

Fan is short for fanatic. A fan can’t be taken seriously here. The love for their stars borders on worship. The rules for their heroes whether it be drugs, dress code or money are often relaxed. Remember when the NBA had a relaxed dress code? Anybody who saw the the Allen Iverson Documentary or remembers those years (special for me as a college student in Philadelphia) knows that the league had to step in after people were conducting interviews in Aviators. Nothing wrong with Aviators, but it’s just not professional. Racial issues aside (they were present in my opinion), the point stands that athletes will always push push the limit. Baseball actually allowed greenies. Greenies then became steroids. Steroids then became HGH. HGH has now become regenerative stem cells. With athletes, we give an inch, they take a mile, we allow it.


They are telling their clients to humanize themselves to appeal to the masses which means bring your family into press conferences. That’s good business. Just know that the kids will go from age 4 to age 9. It will then become people’s Baes. Then it will be their buddies, cousins etc. Again, athletes push it to the limit and we allow them to. That’s how it works in sports. None of the justifications for this press conference hold any weight when we talk about professional workplace decorum.


While Steph is away from his kids for 41 nights, he’s off for 4 months. The only people I know who get that kind of time off with their jobs are teachers. They don’t get to bring their kids to work, and they make a tad bit less than Steph does.
Some are saying kids are more important than jobs. I agree with that, but jobs have rules and decorum that must be followed. Jobs pay for kids by providing income to pay for doctors, diapers, education, and food. If you brought your kid to work without permission, there would be repercussions. For athletes, there is not for reasons that have already been stated.


Some are saying nothing good results from these press conferences. Well the coffee in the break room is terrible, so we should just get rid of it? Not everything has to have the utmost value to be apart of society or a work environment.

She’s So Cute

She is, but as I stated everyone does it now so how cute is it really? When he is off work, he leaves the mandate to be professional. Until then, do your job.

The Media Is Useless

If you really believed that, why are you watching postgame press conferences? The media is a convenient scapegoat for many things now including unprofessional behavior at the workplace.

It’s Not Hurting Anyone

It’s a distraction to working people which in this case are the reporters who have jobs to do and deadlines to meet. I’m sure if kids were in the air traffic control tower, planes wouldn’t crash. Does that mean everyone should bring their kids? Heck, kids can be in the cockpit. I’m sure nothing would happen as planes fly themselves nowadays. How about no to both though?
I interview people via Skype and conference calls all of the time. Professional decorum is breached when dogs and kids are in the background. It’s a lack of respect for both the individual and the job they have to do.
Stephen Curry is, by all accounts, a good husband and father with a cute daughter. It’s easy to call people mean, but I believe in rules, guidelines and standards. Let’s hold professional athletes to the same standards we hold dentists, doctors, lawyers, taxidermists, newspaper reporters, construction workers and police officers when it comes to workplace decorum.



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