How To Get To The City of Brotherly Love

Ever wanted to try Geno’s Steaks in Philly but don’t have a ride? What about right across the street at Pat’s where they claimed to have invented the cheese steak? Worry no more, as I am here to provide you with every method of transportation (along with the costs) to get you to the city of brotherly love from our beloved NYC.
Whether you want to examine the crack on the Liberty Bell, acquire some inspiration by the infamous Rocky Steps, or you’re like me and work for a consultant company that forces you to live wherever your freakin’ project is located (k maybe I’m a bit salty) …you’re going to want to understand all the options at hand before you make a decision on your mode of transportation.
The General commute from NYC to Philly is 95 miles, so if you want to convert that time-wise—you’re looking at about a 2 hour and 15 minute car ride. But that 95 miles will hurt your pockets when you cough up that gas money, so here are some more affordable alternatives.

The Bus

Taking the bus (I know, I know, super annoying and uncomfortable I get it) is more logical when you take into consideration how much more you’re saving than driving your own car. Buses take the same amount of time as your car does (I literally just got here via Greyhound and my commute took me an hour and forty) and with buses like Greyhound, Mega Bus, and Bolt Bus ranging anywhere from $10-$17 a trip, it almost makes it impossible not to go this route (I paid $12.50).

The Train

Now if you got a little dough to splurge and are trying to live that luxurious, flashy lifestyle (shout-out Birdman) then you take the grand Amtrak. With prices ranging from $80-$160 you probably want to second-guess whether all that legroom is worth it. Granted, the ride is cut significantly shorter with trips lasting just over an hour, the Amtrak is perfect for the claustrophobic individual who doesn’t put a price on travel.
For those of you reading this thinking, “Well gee Adrian, what about flying to Philly?” … For Pete sake it’s a two-hour drive, by the time you make it to the airport you would have been halfway to Philly wise guy. Ok, let me leave it at that and take my new relocation frustrations out on someone else. By all means don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been here long enough to develop any sort of gripe with it…it’s just… not MY city.



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