Game’s Dating Show: What Happened To The Other One?


Two Dating Shows?

Since the taping of part 2 of the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” Reunion finished airing on Monday night, it’s only right that VH1 provides us with another outlet to waste our precious time. Yup, you guessed it, another reality show. This time it will take place in California (or to be more specific, Compton) and surround the lifestyle rapper, The Game. The new show titled, “She’s Got Game,” is definitely more of a dating show revolving around the west coast rapper embodying something of a bachelor lifestyle. In true nature, he will be surrounded by a plethora of attractive women all vying to “win his heart”. Whatever that means.

Flavor Flav

This seems extremely reminiscent of “The Flavor of Love,” where you had 50+ year old Flavor Flav as the self-proclaimed, “The Blackchelor” which to the slower folk, is a play on words to mean the black bachelor. Whether it seemed creepy, nasty even, we’d be remiss to not credit Flav for being a pioneer of urban reality shows that have been airing on VH1 this past decade. Just off the top of my head I can remember his dating show resulted in the spinoff of another dating show that centered around “New York” which was a contestant on his “Flavor of Love.” Then New York’s dating show resulted in another spinoff with a contestant from her show named “Real” and “Chance” to have their own dating show called “Real Chance of Love,” how convenient! Anyway, I just felt Flav never got his just due for being the trailblazer of all these shows we see on VH1. Back to the topic now.<

Premise of “She’s Got Game”

“She’s Got Game” will incorporate something of a twist, in a sense that The Game will be seeking help from his compadres to personally set him up on each date with these women. Will he seriously heed his friends’ advice and come to a final decision on who’s “Got Game” in the end? What comes as a shocker to many is that VH1 aired a previous show revolving around The Game, his fiance Tiffney Cambridge, and their two kids. Surprisingly, there’s no more fiance involved in The Game’s life considering he’s following through with this show. And I really thought everything was real on that show. Any who, “She’s Got Game” airs this summer.​



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