Fantasy Football: 10th Pick

Fantasy Football: 9th Pick

Round 1 Pick 10

While Dez Bryant and AJ Green were both available, I chose Murray with the 10th pick because of the Cowboys increased focus on the run, and the ability to get receivers of their caliber later. There is still something that feels reassuring about getting the lead back in an explosive offense in the 1st round.

Round 2 Pick 15

While Brees and Rogers were still both available, Green and Bryant were both gone. All of a sudden I had lost 3 of my 7 targeted receivers. I decided to take Julio Jones here for he will have increased goal line targets with the retirement of Tony Gonzalez.

Round 3 Pick 34

Julius Thomas was the pick here for me. It seems to me that this part of the draft is a dead zone with players who will be productive, but don’t have very high upsides.

Round 4 Pick 39

I was trying to decide between Andre Johnson or reaching for DeSean Jackson. I did not get the pick in time, and Ryan Matthews was autodrafted for me. Per usual, mistakes will happen, so it’s important to stick with your plan regardless of the mistake.

Round 5 Pick 58

I picked up Trent Richardson here and have actually completed my running back corp including the Matthews auto draft. We’ll see how the chips fall in the later rounds.

Round 6 Pick 63

Tony Romo was the choice here as I believe in the Cowboys offense in spite of their focus on the run. Terrance Williams and Jason Witten are still exceptional targets for Tony Romo in addition to the beast we all know Dez is.

Round 7 Pick 82

None of the receivers available had any value so I selected the best available player. In my opinion, this was Steven Jackson.

Round 8 Pick 87

Again, none of the receivers available had any value that i was looking for. LaMar Miller, Miami’s every down back was the pick I made here in the 8th round. I am missing two wide receivers after 8 picks. The latter part of this draft should be very interesting.
I was able to get Tampa Bay rookie Mike Evans (9th) and Ben Tate (10th) with great value. I am still missing a receiver going into the 11th round. Kelvin Benjamin is still available here, and I would be ok with him being my third receiver. Unfortunately, Benjamin gets drafted two picks before me,and while I wanted to take the flyer on Gordon, I decided to handcuff Devonta Freeman (11th). Tavon Austin (12th) will have to be my 3rd receiver, and I rounded out the draft with Shonn Greene (13th).

Final Team

QB Tony Romo
WR Julio Jones
WR Mike Evans
WR Tavon Austin
RB DeMarco Murray
RB Ryan Matthews
TE Julius Thomas
FLEX Trent Richardson
BN Steven Jackson – RB
BN Lamar Miller – RB
BN Ben Tate – RB
BN DeVonta Freeman – RB
BN Shonn Greene – RB
Fantasy Football: 11th Pick



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