Environmentally Friendly Transportation Options

environmentally friendly
Getting from point A to point B in a way that does the least possible damage to the planet offers lots of environmentally friendly options. Living in a city, there is a wide range of mass transportation options to make use of; however, in more remote places, choices might be more limited. Here are a few ways to get about the planet without harming it.


If the destination is too far to walk, a bicycle is the next best option. Not only is this mode of transportation environmentally friendly but it can also boost health and fitness. Compared with other forms of commuting, cycling is associated with a much lower risk of cancer, heart disease and premature death in general. If the office is too far to cycle all the way, consider mixed mode cycling biking to the nearest train or bus station then continuing the journey from there. This type of travel offers almost as many health benefits as cycling all the way to work.

Switch To A More Environmentally Friendly Vehicle

If preference is to continue using a private vehicle, look into switching into a more efficient model. Although there are now many electric and plug-in hybrid models available, the network of charging stations is still not large enough to suit everyone.

Finding a more environmentally friendly used car to replace an existing model is as easy as searching online for the desired vehicle. If, for example, one is looking for a high-spec Isuzu for sale, the ability to specify the exact model, year, and color interested in and then finding all those closest before heading out for a test drive.

Using Existing Vehicles More Efficiently

Allowing more time to reach a destination means lessening the risk of driving aggressively. Accelerating hard exceeding the speed limit increases fuel consumption and the quantity of greenhouse gases a vehicle emits by between 10% and 40%.

Speed limits are not just about safety, they are also about the economy which in turns make them more ecofriendly. Most modern vehicles are optimized to be as efficient as possible when traveling at close to the legal limit on a highway. The more time spent with a vehicle in the sweet spot of its fuel economy, the less gas used and the less damage done to the environment.

The people who design vehicles do so with a view to give them a shape that would create the least possible drag. Add a cargo box to your roof; for example, decreases the efficiency of a car dramatically. The same is true of excess weight. Carrying around heavy items in a car will mean using more gas than necessary. Always strip vehicles of all non-essential items, especially if taking local trips.



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