Culturebroker Radio MusicCast #2: Live Music Capitalism of the World

music capitalism
Music capitalism is just another byproduct of technology and corporatism.

music capitalism

Music capitalism is just another byproduct of technology and corporatism.

Austin musicians Andrew Molever and Michael Bridgett choose choose recent songs from artists from three different locations in an attempt to showcase the sounds the world is making. Your town. Your scene. Your music. A sonic guidebook can help get more artists heard and enjoyed. You’re busy. Let us help you track the tracks.

Music Capitalism

Recently, Austin has been reeling from the findings of a local music industry census by the Titan Music Group. The reported numbers have definitely cast a critical eye on the live music capitalism of “The Live Music Capital Of The World.” Apparently, while the city has boomed, the industry that made Austin stand out is stagnating. Venues report being unable to charge cover to pay bands all the while weathering increased pressure from landlords raising prices particularly in entertainment districts. Meanwhile, those same raising real estate rates are forcing more and more musicians further outside of the city. The results of the census have illuminated Austin  as a musical market that does not reward its smaller, hard working artists despite making its butter off a reputation as a space specifically for them.

Still, despite it all, the music being made in Austin remains plentiful and diverse. There’s a band playing every night though they make more money playing elsewhere. The cool factor and mystique of the town continues to attract talent from all over to come and sacrifice clock ticks and guitar licks at its barbecue grill shaped alter.

Support Local Music

Despite being in a society that is always lauding those that do what they love, we often forget how easily we can contribute and build around that very premise. The life of a musician is hard, but it can be so rewarding with just a little support and appreciation from those that love what you do.

This week, we cover Austin, San Diego, and Chicago with a wide range of genres from jazz fusion to ska to country to nerdcore. The genres don’t make the music, but they definitely help fill in the blanks for all the music you may be missing your town.


Moonlight Social: The Better Part

Backward Compatible: The Salientian


San Diego

The Amalgamated: Keyser Soze

Black Out Party: Spanish Gold



The Noise FM: Fools

Monobody: Gilgamesh (R – Texas)



Michael Bridgett

Writer, vocalist, lyricist and raconteur. In other words, the guy everyone really loved at the party. I traffic in things geek, existential, fun and funny. I believe that it is the compassionate sharing of ideas that will lead us to a new age. An age in which all benefit no matter who we are, where we are, or what we want. We must allow ourselves to grow beyond tribal concerns as the fate of everything is at stake. What we do here gets us one bit closer every day.

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