Culturebroker Radio Musicast #4: Austin, Houston, Dallas

Mike straight beastin' on a duck face

Benny Versus The Beast from Austin, TX complete my very masculine with duckface

Austin musicians Andrew Molever and Michael Bridgett choose choose recent songs from artists from three different locations in an attempt to showcase the sounds the world is making. Your town. Your scene. Your music. The Culturebroker Radio Musicast exists to get more artists heard and enjoyed. You’re busy. Let us help you track the tracks.

Real musicians live on the road…

As Andrew travels Texas to another gig, I set up shop for our first ever All Texas Show on Culturebroker Musicast. We look at three of the biggest cities in the biggest state to pull down big sounds from Austin, Houston, and Dallas. The goal as always is to deliver something new to your ears. A band you can enjoy, a sound you can get behind. Listen to the podcast below.

One of the best parts about playing music in Texas is how different regions can come with an entirely different flavor. The rappers in Dallas speak differently than the rappers in Houston. You can find an entirely different top tier style by driving a few hours.

This week’s tracks also features music from one of my own projects, a ska, punk, soul band called Benny Versus The Beast. While Texas isn’t exactly known for ska, there remains a dedicated and loyal scene of punkers and rude boys and girls that keep the music alive in all over the state. With Benny playing a Halloween show with classic two tone band The Toasters at the historic Austin reggae club Flamingo Cantina on October 30, there has never been more positive proof in the power of community. As they say, Ska isn’t dead. You just stopped listening.

When the music is good and people support it, artists get paid which allows them to make more and better music. With me recording this episode from Boston, a classic hotbed for punk and ska, we added a bonus track from an ambitious ska band playing around town to get the proper vibe going.

The best thing you can do for any artist you enjoy is come out and be seen. Buy the band drink or two then share their music amongst your circles both real and digital. Meeting new people who like what you do is the best kind of appreciation, though hiring them to play your parties, family reunions and weddings never hurts.


Benny Versus the BeastHold Me Back

A Giant Dog Cleveland Steven



Adrian PeaceCold Nights

Fat TonySmart Ass Black Boy



Quaker City Nighthawks Fox in the Hen House

Buffalo Black1984



The New LimitsCompass



Michael Bridgett

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