Choppin’ It Up: Episode 2 – NBA Talent and 2015 Dates

nba talent

Adrian talks new releases and NBA talent being at an all time high

Killing The Breeze presents Episode 2 of Choppin’ It Up with Adrian Prelvukaj. Last week, Adrian talked NBA and hip-hop with fellow enthusiast and longtime friend, 2nd year law school student Phillip Schultze.
This week, Adrian tackles several topics and issues that are present throughout in the National Basketball Association. Who’s taking the championship this year? Apparently, sons are also now playing for their fathers? With basketball and hip hop culture being as intertwined as they are, Adrian adds a segment at the very end discussing some of the albums we expect and want to be released by the end of 2015.


NBA Talent

The NBA is at a point where talent is at an all time high and the throne is anyone’s for the taking. Coach Gregg Popovich says it best when he states “It’s anybody’s game.” For the first time in ages, it feels like there is no certainty as to which top 3 teams could possibly hoist a trophy up at the end of the year. From the Cavs, Bulls, Wizards, and Hawks to essentially any of what will shake out to be the top 8 teams in the west, its essentially anybody’s year. I wonder what the dynamic of playing alongside “the coaches son”, as the Clippers just recently brought in Doc River’s son Austin, will be like as well.


Which albums in the hip hop world, other than Frank Ocean of course, do we expect to drop this year? Please excuse me if I sound a little salty when I talk about A$AP Rocky’s musical absence in the past 365, it’s simply just not acceptable in this day and age when the average attention span is shorter than Mugsy Bogues height. Still excited for Drake and what Kanye is going to blow our minds away with this time around. Anyway, enjoy and sound off.
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