The Charm Episode 1: Hilarity Runs In The Family

Pictured: Random Family Havng Fun, Not Bunny's. Themelii don't jump on hills.


Pictured: Random Family Havng Fun, Not Bunny’s. Themelii don’t jump on hills.

Welcome to The Charm, with me, Bunny Themelis. In this first episode I want you guys to get to know me.


Bunny’s Dad

So to start off my illustrious podcast, I start with the family, by interviewing my father who likes to go by Big P for reasons I cannot really ascertain. We chat about all kinds of current events and opinions.

My parents are both really influential in my comedy, but it’s stories about my dad specifically that won me a standup contest at Caroline’s in New York a few years ago. (Thanks Dad!) Mostly I talked about how my father had a habit of recording massive amounts of movies onto various VHS tapes, and how I could never pick a movie based on the cover art as we only ever had little labels with two to three films written on them.

In fact, the first time I watched “The Labyrinth” I popped it in because I assumed it was about the Minotaur. It was not, it was about magic and David Bowie’s crotch.

Dad is into politics, but also very irreverent and while he has been a hardcore Democrat for as long as I can remember (he had me stumping for Dukakis when I was, like, five), he has absolutely zero appreciation for political correctness. Sadly, we recorded this before Donald Trump decided to throw his hat into the Presidential race. So we will have to do a follow-up as the 2016 starts to heat up.

Like myself, my dad likes to digress on any random historical rabbit hole that pops up as he is conversing. You will see where I get it from. We give you a little bit of Greek-American history. Did you know that Greek-Americans were frequently attacked by the Ku Klux Klan in the Southern states? I highly recommend the movie “Goodbye Miss Fourth of July” which tells the story of a Greek family who emigrates to the US only to be attacked for their foreignness and their kindness to Black people.

Thanks for listening!



Bunny Themelis

Bunny Themelis is a Canadian-born, Baltimore-raised comedian, actress and writer. Her favorite topics include being Greek, pop culture and nerdy history facts. She lives in Baltimore with her hubby and dogs, Miss Toni and Zeus.

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