Cardi B Wants Education On How Homophobia Is Problematic

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Migos member Offset was featured on YFN Lucci’s new song “Boss Life,” where he delivers a line that goes: “I cannot vibe with queers.” Even though the song was released in December, criticism grew this week, and Offset’s apology argued that he didn’t “mean someone’s who is gay.” Rapper Cardi B attempted to defend her fiancé.


The Education of Cardi B

As Doha Madani explains

OK To clarify: The “Q” in LGBTQ stands for “queer,” and it’s been reclaimed by many in the community to describe their identity.

Secondly, the belief that the duty of marginalized people to educate others on their community is problematic. Different communities have tried to push across the point that it is not their duty to educate those in the majority about their struggles for years now. Director Ava DuVerney possibly said it best in a Los Angeles Magazine interview in 2016, where she argued that the onus isn’t on the marginalized “because we didn’t build the problem.”

“If I’m forward-thinking and know that there is inequity, I should not need the transgender woman to take time out of her experience to educate me,” DuVerney told the Los Angeles Magazine.

The original title of this Periscope was “Cardi B committing career suicide.” I’m not sure that is or will be the case, but this was certainly a misstep. It’s not incumbent on, say black people, to educate white people on why their use of the word “nigger” is problematic whether in the course of regular conversation, repeated in rap songs, or used as the traditonal racial slur which it is in all forms. It’s not incumbent upon women to explain to men why their use of the term “slut” is problematic.
Cardi B attended Atlanta’s black gay pride parade, but remember homophobia is not just a hatred of the lgbtq community. Homophobia is antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, or hatred. Here, Cardi B is showing contempt towards the community for not “educating” her. For what it’s worth, Offset has demonstrated antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, and hatred towards the lgbtq community in the past. They both can and should do better.o



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