Author: KTB Editors


Medical Devices of The Future

  The field of medical technology is one that is moving at an increasingly rapid pace. The advances we make in science, and consequently in medicine, are often hard to predict and new knowledge continues to regularly surprise us and force us to see the world in a different way....


Why Are Large Companies Using YouTube?

  There is no doubt that YouTube has continued to gain popularity since it first started in February 2005. Since then, there have been YouTubers that have become celebrities and are attracting more viewers to their channel than some television companies. However, it isn’t just those wanting to make entertainment...


Medicare For All Bill Is Not Medicare Nor Is It For All

  Bernie Sanders is not a policy wonk with a history of passing legislation in Congress. That’s why when the highly anticipated Medicare For All bill was introduced with none of the pay-for mechanisms that would allow it to actually be implemented, it was expected virtue signalling from a lifelong...