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free spirit

Sorry, You’re Not Really A “Free Spirit”

Free Spirit Nowadays, many people consider themselves “free spirits“. They aren’t “hipsters” who claim to love things “before they were cool,” and flood their wardrobes with the wares of thrift store sprees. No, the people I’m talking about claim a particular mindset, a particular way of thinking.   Most would...


Kardashian Hate

  The Kardashians People say the Kardashians represent everything that’s wrong with our country. I say BLAMING the Kardashians is actually what is wrong with this country.   Endlessly seeking out figures on which to project some sense of superiority is what’s ruining our country. Get off the internet and...


Molly? Have You Seen Her?

Not many things sound more appealing than a night on the town. Filled with music, your friends, and a room full of nothing but positivity. Generally, these elements describe almost any concert out there. To me, being a college student, I immediately associate this to be the talk of an...