Actress Tomi Lahren Suspended For Saying Wrong Line On Abortion

tomi lahren
Elizabeth Nolan Brown documents how conservative starlet Tomi Lahren is facing a heap of backlash from her usual supporters after an appearance on ABC’s The View in which she defended the decriminalized status of abortion. Lahren, who hosts a popular show (Tomi) for Glenn Beck network The Blaze and is a frequent guest on Fox News programs, said that as someone who “loves the Constitution” and believes in limited government she can’t support the government “decid[ing] what women do with their bodies.”
“I’m pro-choice,” Lahren admitted, calling it hypocritical to profess support for small government yet want to ban abortion. “I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”


I am an extremist when it comes to abortion as I believe third trimester abortions should be legal, but I agree with Tomi Lahren as I am pro-choice. If one starts with the assumption that life begins at conception and an unborn child is a full human being entitled to full human rights, then they are saying things I don’t feel like they necessarily believe upon further examination.
Do those people really believe those who shoot up abortion clinics and murder the doctors are actually heroes, and should be pardoned once Roe is overturned? Are pregnant mothers who fail to get proper prenatal care child abusers and should be charged as such? Is pregnant sex actually a threesome involving an underage, non-consenting participant making any adult participating in said act both a rapist and pedophile? Finally, should all miscarriages be investigated as potential homicides? It’s a lot more complicated than pro-life and pro-choice.

Tomi Lahren Is An Actress Playing A Character

Syracuse University student Matt Gehring uncovered footage from 2014, when Tomi Lahren hosted and was a panelist on The Scramble, a political roundtable show on the University of Nevada-Las Vegas’ TV station. Needless to say, she was a different Tomi. She lead a discussion about “slurs and their place in society.” That’s different from 2017 Tomi who “calls everyone snowflakes and fragile.”
Tomi then called climate change “an agreed-upon scientific consensus” (as opposed to “bad weather” which she believes now). She then believed gun control was a “multi-dimensional issue.”
“So anytime you have a rampage or school shooting, it’s not caused by one thing. It’s not caused by the gun, it’s not caused by the violent media or video games, it’s not caused by mental health— anything entirely. It’s a multi-dimensional issue so it needs to be addressed from all angles.” Meanwhile, in 2016, she tweeted, “Gun control is gonna stop radical Muslims? Ok we’re gonna need some bomb control, some suicide bomber control, Quran control…etc.”
Lahren is only 24 and people can change their opinions especially at that age. The question is what caused her to change her opinion on just about every major political topic in such a short amount of time? The most likely answer is a camera and a paycheck. Lahren reads a teleprompter and says incendiary things that conservatives love, but it’s all an act. She’s not Chris Kyle ladies and gentlemen, she’s Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle.
Because conservatives are looking for anybody who can appeal to young people and turn the tides of popular culture, they gravitated to her without any discernment similar to Milo. The “hurt” her fans are feeling is not her fault. She’s just an opportunist. People must look at themselves in the mirror and wonder why they felt conservatism would be led by a 24 year old commentator who was a liberal less than 36 months ago.



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