A Primer For Bigots On Social Media In 2015


Be easy when online bigots.

Geris Roth posted a picture of his coworker’s child on his facebook page which then prompted racist conversations about the child. It’s a teachable moment on how not to use social media. The story is told in the video below.


Modern Communication

They both enable this type of behavior and perhaps magnifies the blowback. Bigots using 21st century communications age ability to connect with others who share their contemptible attitudes to avoid conforming to dominant, face-to-face culture is a very real thing.
I’m not sure the size of the backlash is larger, though, than, say, it would have been 100 years ago when a butcher’s antisemitism might have gotten out in a local industry that valued its Jewish customers. That employee would have to physically move to escape his bad reputation. In any case, modern communications may work for known bigots also as there is now a conduit for sympathetic bigots to remain in contact. On the bright side, social media does allow you to identify who to stay away from as well.


I often ask my white, male and conservative friends and colleagues why they would publicly pronounce bigoted thoughts on social media in 2015? At the very least, you will negatively affect perception of you whether you are actually a racist or not. You have to know more than just your bigoted friends can read your communications online correct? I mean, bigoted thoughts are one thing, but to have a group of friends that are all equally bigoted and so comfortable sharing and posting ignorant hatred is a reflection of you as well.
Unless you don’t believe in good public relations, or that actions don’t have consequences, why have your name on the internet attached to such comments? It’s akin to dropping a tactical nuke on your reputation. Besides, stupidity does not explain bigotry. It’s not like it’s akin to getting drunk and posting a pic of yourself at a strip club.


Chances are you will lose your job if these types of comments are reported to employers, and since the internet is forever, it may be tough for you to gain employment in your same field. This is what I love the most. Racist, sexist and homophobic commentary only promotes and encourages discrimination within the “Boys Club” It’s nonsense, and one can only imagine how many careers have suffered because of it.


We all make them, but some are more forgivable than others. People that are willing to post bigoted thoughts on social media are believed to have thought and said these things before as no one just decides to formulate these thoughts and broadcast them to the general public overnight. Nice people don’t have to actively decide not to make racist comments. Only conflicted bigots are faced with these difficult decisions of posting inflammatory, bigoted remarks.


When you make bad choices, you will suffer them. The often minority being ridiculed does not make a bad choice. In fact, they had no choice. They are living out the hand they were dealt, and will suffer for the rest of their lives the consequences of being born as a minority. Those consequences will be dealt out by people such as bigots who out themselves on social media. The irony is that these bigots will go to their graves believing they were unfairly persecuted.
Do I feel sorry for these bigots? Not as much as I do for those they victimize. I’m sorry, but the more these things happen, the more some may be inclined to feel that this is just what the majority of the population thinks about minorities. I have heard racism no longer exists. I’m often told I’m being too sensitive, and by speaking out against this type of behavior, I’m the one who’s a bigot. If this is your response to these types of events, I have some words of wisdom for you.


No one will know you’re a bigot if you keep your mouth shut which can ultimately save you from a life-ruining decision. In fact, if bigots kept their mouths shut, the world would be a better place as workplaces would become less hostile, and they would be less inclined to vocalize if they knew it could cost them instead of the minorities they choose to belittle.
It seems like ignorance and stupidity are the rule, rather than the exception. Bigots couldn’t operate without being condoned by society and especially those who make excuses for them. This applies to all races, but especially bigoted minorities as they lack the privileges and advantages of others whom get multiple chances to make these types of mistakes. Remember, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.



Kwaisi France

An 80's baby forged in the 90's and unleashed upon the world in the 21st century, Kwaisi France is a Baltimore raised Brooklyn resident.

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